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Buy Baseball Accessories Online

Updated on April 6, 2011

Take yourself out to the ballgame every day of the year with adorable baseball accessories. You'll never fear a rain-out by surrounding yourself with cute and kitschy gear that reminds you of America's Pastime.

We have evaluated the best-selling items that sell the best: shop 'til you drop, but don't drop the ball on these great products. Whip out your credit card and blaze a fastball over the outside corner.

Baseball Night Light

No baseball stadium is complete without enough light to turn the 5-6-3 double play. When the lights go out, however, sometimes we all need subtle illumination to help us sleep soundly. This darling night light provides a hand-painted enhancement to any baseball fan's bedroom. Keep the losing streaks and closet monsters away.

Wilton Baseball Mitt Pan

Baseball-shaped baked goods make any gathering into a picnic. Team parties, award ceremonies, and tournaments all benefit from food that looks like a mitt with a ball in it. This all aluminum pan is over 11 inches by 11 inches: plenty big to feed the team and the hangers-on.

Hank Aaron 1959 National League Braves Autographed/Hand Signed Contract PSA/DNA

Pretty much every thinking baseball fan except Barry Bonds and his immediate family agree that Henry Aaron is the greatest home run hitter of all time. Hammerin' Hank signed with the Milwaukee Braves in 1959: this original signed contract bears testament to that event. The document is certified authentic by Professional Sports Authentication.

DreamSeat Boston MLB Leather Recliner

Ensconce yourself in leatherly comfort tricked out in the color of your favorite team, or at least The Mets, The Tigers, The Dodgers, or the Red Sox. Everyone knows someone who adores one of these large-market teams. These seats were originally designed for supporting VIP bottoms during on-field or sideline activities. Intense interest and demand from regular fans encouraged the DreamSeat corporation to begin producing seating equipment for home use.

Barry Bonds Autographed Blond Baseball Bat

Many baseball experts who are related to Bobby Bonds or who have Bobby Bonds memorabilia to sell consider Mr. Bonds to be the greatest home run hitter in Major League Baseball history. Own a piece of that history with this amazing baseball bat that comes with a certificate of authenticity and a Barry Bonds hologram at no extra charge.

Baseball Large Chair and Ottoman Set

They probably didn't play baseball during the Ottoman empire, but they gave us furniture styles that have persisted for hundreds of years. This combination of baseball, ottoman, and chair will make any game, even the Cubs vs the Royals in September, into an exciting afternoon pastime.

Wild Clings Shatter Baseball 3-D Decal Gift

Hitting a car with a baseball is frowned upon in this postmodern kinder/gentler world. All of us would love to wind up and hurl a beanball toward that inconsiderate driver who cut us off at the 4-way stop. Instead of inflicting permanent and possible felonious damage to the vehicle of a fellow motorist, affix the Shatter Baseball 3-D Decal to their passenger window. No one can resist the urge to believe that their auto has been vandalized. At first glance, and second glance, this amazing stick-on looks like a baseball embedded in shatter-proof glass.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Major League pitchers throw hard. They throw so hard that it's often impossible to differentiate a 95 mph fastball from a 98 mph fastball. To that end, the engineering geniuses at Bushnell devised a velocity speed gun that measures ball speed up to 100 mph from up to 100 feet away. Just point and click, like a digital camera, except you're measuring speed instead of taking a photograph. This amazing device also measures tennis ball speed and softball speed.


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    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


      I like the Bushnell velocity speed gun, but I see one drawback. Unless I get seat behind the umpire, or in the crackerbox that was Crosley Field in Cincinnati, I don't think I can get within 100 feet of the pitcher.