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Buy Burpee Pepper Seeds Online

Updated on April 10, 2013

Buy your Burpee pepper seeds online this year and have them delivered directly to your door.If you haven't received your Burpee catalogue, or have misplaced it in the house, no worries because Amazon sell a huge range of Burpee seed stock at a great price.

Whether you want to grow sweet or hot peppers, there is a great selection of seeds among which are sure to be several that will be perfect for your palate and climate/growing ability.

You could of course just save the seeds from a shop bought pepper, and grow that instead, but you will not know what kind of plant you are growing until it fruits. Many commercial crops of peppers are cross pollinated to produce a specific hybrid strain, and the offspring will not be the same at the parent pepper plant.

You could be lucky and find you have grown a fantastic cropper, but it is more likely that your pepper crop will fail.

Why take the risk? Buy some lovely fresh Burpee pepper seeds today.


Burpee California Wonder Pepper - 100 Seeds

Burpee California Wonder Pepper - 100 Seeds
Burpee California Wonder Pepper - 100 Seeds

Burpee California Wonder Pepper - 100 Seeds

Standard bell pepper seeds that were were first introduced in 1928 and have successfully fed the generations of Americans since.

With consistent 3" to 4" 4-lobed fruit, this is the largest open-pollinated heirloom bell pepper you can grow.

Plant the seeds indoor or under cover in the warmth and transplant into the garden when the plantlets are bigger and the weather warmer. Else plant in a greenhouse.

They grow from 18" to 24" high, and take approximately 75 days to reach maturity.

They need a full sun position to grow well.

Burpee Sweet Maxibelle Pepper - 30 Seeds
Burpee Sweet Maxibelle Pepper - 30 Seeds

Burpee Sweet Maxibelle Pepper - 30 Seeds

This is a very sweet with thick flesh pepper which is delicious raw or cooked.

The fruits are extra large and turn a bright red when fully mature.

Lovely to eat at all stages.

They are better off started in seed trays in a warm place for transplanting later when the weather heats up.

The plants take 75 days to reach maturity, and they prefer being planted in full sun.


Burpee Jalapeno 'M' Hot Pepper - 100 Seeds
Burpee Jalapeno 'M' Hot Pepper - 100 Seeds

Burpee Jalapeno 'M' Hot Pepper - 100 Seeds

These pepper seeds take approximately 75 days to maturity after transplanting the seedlings.

The peppers are medium hot, 3" long x 1" wide with rounded tips. when fully mature their color changes to dark red.

Start seeds off in a warm place and when planting out (or in a greenhouse in cooler climes), space 18-24" apart.

Their ultimate height will be between 18-24".

Grow in full sun.

When the peppers are ripe, it is advisable to handle them with rubber gloves to prevent skin burns from the hot pepper juices.

Burpee Hot Mix Pepper - 100 Seeds

Burpee Hot Mix Pepper - 100 Seeds
Burpee Hot Mix Pepper - 100 Seeds

Burpee Hot Mix Pepper - 100 Seeds

This is a mixture of 5 different types of hot pepper seeds so when it is time to harvest them you will have quite a selection to choose from.

  • Hungarian Wax
  • Anaheim
  • Large Cherry
  • Long Red Cayenne
  • Jalapeno

Start the seeds off in seed trays and remember to label the different varieties well with a waterproof ink marker.

If you don't, or if your ink fades between planting the seeds and having seedlings big enough to plant out, you will not be able to tell them apart until maturity when you can compare their photo from the seed packet and make an educated guess as to which is which.

They take 75 - 80 days to reach maturity after transplanting.

Grow in full sun in a warm area.

The expected final height of these hot Burpee peppers will be between 18 - 24" so set them the same distance apart to give them room to grow.

Grow better Burpee pepper seeds with the help of Miracle-Gro.

Burpee seed starting systems


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