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How to choose Best Home Design Software Online?

Updated on January 29, 2015

A Home Design Software is basically a software that assists you in designing your dream home by providing accessories and tools that you can efficiently use and personalize according to your choice.

A home design software can facilitate you in doing much more than just creating the basic floor plans.

Below are listed some of the many advantages of using a Home design software for designing your home: 

  • Ease in Customization: You can easily change the roof tops, dimensions, size of rooms, cupboards, texture and color of doors by a simple mouse click and get the realistic prototype of the house you want. Some of the aesthetic tools provide you the facility to add the furniture of your choice, extra appliances and other household accessories to your design which you can customize according to your own adaptation.
  • Tools for Landscaping: Home design software tools can make the task of designing landscape much easier and help you get the perfect design literally at your finger tips. You can use the tools like plant finders and dictionaries to figure out the most perfect plants for your area.
  • Planning for Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Systems: Apart from getting you interiors efficiently designed, home design software also helps you in designing the minuscule and essential attributes of a home like layouts for electricity, plumbing and heating/cooling systems.
  • Different views: While designing your home, you can check your design from multiple views, which can help you in re-looking the wall structures and floor plans. You can have the best three dimensional and 2 dimensional views from lots of angles, which can help you in getting the prefect design you want. You can change it accordingly and much easily.
  • Fun factor: The best and the foremost feature of using a home design software is the ease and fun it provides while you can sit cozily on your desk and design your dream home. The whole experience of getting an ideal nest - whether for yourself or for your clients, becomes a lot easy and pleasurable task, using this software.

What should you look at while choosing your own Home Design Software?

1) Features:

Your Home design software must provide a variety of features that extend from basic floor planning to more complex design features like customizing the room, cabinets and colors according to your needs. It should provide you with features like real-time walkthrough and additional abilities to design the electrical, plumbing and other household necessary attributes. The software and its tools should be easy to use and come up with proper help feature to guide you through the whole process. It should be user friendly to the core. Ability to design extra features like landscape and lightening effects can be a good bonus.

2) User friendliness:

The software should be built keeping in mind normal non-computer users. A novice should be able to easily install and run the software, without getting into hassles of unnecessary downloads and other dependencies. The controls provided by the tool should be designed as per the standards of the popular user friendly softwares, which can help the user in intuitively using the software without finding it hard.

3) Proper Help and User Manual:

All the features and their usage provided by the Home design software should be properly documented and clearly described in the help feature. The help should offer step by step instructions to ease up the user's tasks. An additional flash video tutorial can also be of great help. However, help feature should not be just limited to that. If a user gets stuck at some point on a feature, he should be able to search the contextual help for that feature and proceed further without getting any road-blocks.

So, if you are planning to build your first home or office or plunging into the home designing business - a perfect home design software can help you grow faster in much easier and better way.

Below are listed some of the top home design softwares available in the market.


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