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Buy Disney Princess Bedroom Furniture Online

Updated on January 8, 2015

Disney Princess Bedroom Furniture

Obviously the big piece of Disney Princess furniture is a Disney Princess Bed, but there are other pieces of furniture that look fantastic in a Disney Princess bedroom. In fact you can even buy sets that will transform your daughter’s ordinary room into a Disney Princess room.

Chairs are a great addition to a room as well as storage solutions such as a Disney Princess storage organizer or toy box.

Disney Princess Room in a Box
Disney Princess Room in a Box | Source

A Disney Bedroom Room in a Box

With these two different ‘room in a box’ sets you can totally transform your daughter’s room into a Disney Princess’ bedchamber!   If you’d prefer to focus on just one particular Disney Princess room to create a room around then go to the links at the end of the page.

This first ‘room in a box’ contains –

  • Disney Princess toddler bed
  • Fabric toy box which not only looks good, but is extremely practical as well.
  • Foldable table and chair set which features one table and two chairs so that your princess can entertain her best friend as well with a Disney Princess tea party for example.

Disney Princess Room Décor in a Box
Disney Princess Room Décor in a Box | Source

The second ‘room in a box’ that is available through Amazon is designed with more of a ‘tween’ in mind and it contains –

  • 3 Wall shelves, ideal for her books, ornaments, snow globes etc
  • 2 Fabric storage boxes, these are very practical and as they get older you’ll be happy you’ve got two of them!
  • Hanging wipe board which she will really enjoy and feel ‘all grown up’ by having.
  • Mirror – what little princess doesn’t want her own mirror?

Disney Princess Chairs

A comfortable chair is a great edition to a room if you’ve got enough space and it’s a nice place for your little girl to do some ‘on her own’ reading.

As they get older little girls want to believe that they are in fact big girls and one of the things that they seem to ask for is a desk.

This chair desk comes complete with storage and is ideal for coloring in and puzzle fun as well as helping your little princess realize that yes, she is a big girl!

Disney Princess Table & Chair Sets

A table and chair set is really important for toddlers, they can do jigsaw puzzles, coloring in and even eat their meals off of.   Now we didn’t really have room for a table and chair set in my daughter’s bedroom when she was younger, but I had one in the family room which she loved.   That table and chair got soooo much use it really is worth getting one.

Lunchtimes I let her eat at her own table and chair, sometimes squeezing myself into the other chair to keep her company.   She thought it was fantastic!   When her grandparents brought her her first tea-set we had to have afternoon tea at her table and so did anyone who visited!!

Disney Princess Toy Organizers

I really don’t know where all the toys seem to appear at times, but organization is vital to keep the house tidy.   When you get your children toy boxes that are special to them it really helps to encourage them to put things away……let’s face it any help in that direction is well worth having.

Whether you go for bins or a toy box or even a combination if you choose a Disney Princess one your little princess will have no excuses!   These storage solutions are also ideal pieces of furniture to help follow through the Disney Princess theme of the bedroom.

Disney Princess Book Rack
Disney Princess Book Rack | Source

Disney Princess Book Storage

My daughter has always had a lot of books, I love reading and her grandparents also do so there was never any doubt that she would be surrounded by books. My husband has never been much of a reader, but he also places importance on books for her so would come home with books on all types of things for her.

Storing books has always been a problem for me as I am constantly running out of book shelves so it was important that my daughter had her own book shelves for her books. This pictured Disney Princess book rack is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately it's unavailable at the moment.

When I was growing up my dad used to put up shelves for me and most of my bedroom was filled with built-ins that he used. I loved to use book ends so that I could have books along part of my shelf and then ornaments or snow globes (which I used to collect) on the other part of the shelf. If your daughter’s room has shelves instead of book cases then she would adore these book ends that are available through Amazon.


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