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Buy Espresso Cappuccino Makers

Updated on January 3, 2010

Espresso cappuccino makers can save you money by brewing gourmet coffee drinks in your own home.

It is clear to anyone who has stepped outside in the past decade that espresso and its related coffees have taken over the world as there now seems to be an Italian style coffee shop on every street corner with their large, expensive Espresso Cappuccino Makers brewing aromatic coffee literally around the clock. However, individuals can have that same delicious concentrated coffee aroma and taste at home with a variety of Espresso Cappuccino Makers designed for personal use. These Espresso Cappuccino Makers are smaller, cut down versions of the ones the baristas use, but they share the same basic concepts of pressurizing hot water to a high level and forcing it through coffee grounds. Try one of the many home Espresso Cappuccino Makers and you might not go back to the corner coffee bar again!

Buy Espresso Cappuccino Makers Online

Coffee Chronicles, Part 9

Italy has to be the number one nation when it comes to having a culture based around coffee and in its coffee bars alone well over 15 billion coffee cups are served every year. This is especially impressive when you consider that this level of consumption is in a country of only 60,000,000 people. That works out to 250 cups per year for every man, woman and child in the entire nation!

The total amount of coffee used in Italy every year is well over 325,000 tons. France uses barely half as much coffee as Italy even though it has a roughly equivalent population base. France tends to enjoy roasted coffee to a much darker and bitter consistency with far less caffeine and uses more water in its coffee than Italy, which tends to make its espresso barely fill the bottom of a small coffee cup.

Germany prefers to have a lighter roast than Italy or France and a more coarse consistency to its grind. The English are traditionally tea drinkers but there has been a recent growth spurt in the last 10 years for show which has seen the use of coffee skyrocket in the United Kingdom while the utilization of instant coffee which was a mainstay of the English consumer has significantly dropped.

Similar to the United Kingdom, the American market has seen an explosion in that utilization of coffee for espresso in the last few years. The typical, highly watered down American style coffee has started to give way to the much more restricted and dense Italian form of coffee. There seems to be a generation gap in American coffee drinkers now, with the younger urban generation being brought up on tight concentrated Italian style espressos which the older rural generation finds syrupy thick and undrinkable, while the older generation still hangs on to its watery mild large mug cup of coffee which the younger set thinks of as nothing more than a coffee bouillon!

Various countries also prefer from various originating growing nations. For example, Scandinavian countries such as Finland tend to prefer coffees from the Central American and Columbia regions, while Japan almost exclusively concentrates on Blue Mountain coffees which are grown in Jamaica.

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 10

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