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Buy Fans Online

Updated on August 24, 2010

Buy Fans Online

Fans move air. People enjoy moving air. Many people willingly part with income for the purpose of obtaining fashionable air moving devices. Reputable companies sell air moving devices through online stores and web sites. Herein we present some of hottest (fashion-wise) and coolest (moving air-wise) fans available in cyberspace.

Casablanca C16G73T Chandelier Ceiling Fan, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Sometimes a fan is just a fan: sometimes a fan is a Casablanca Chandelier Ceiling Fan. A fan with 48 specially engineered wax candles, 8 halogen bulbs, and 48 flickering candle bulbs will still move your air around, but with more aplomb and tranquility than some 3-paddle generic whirlygig that wobbles at low speeds.

Honestly, who needs a $6000 ceiling fan? We all do. Imagine arriving home from a long day of dictating the proletariat: your feet ache and your fingers cramp from signing campaign checks. You step out of your Bently and into your foyer. Your gentleman's gentleman assumes possession of your overcoat and leaves you with a large cafe mocha latte in an extremely expensive mug. Your stress slowly unwinds beneath the cooling breezes of your Casablanca Chandelier Ceiling Fan. Seinfled starts in 5 minutes. All is well with the world.

Handy Cooler - World's first Evaporative Personal Air Cooler / Cooling Fan that is hand held.

There was once a time when world citizens had no choice but to endure life without evaporative personal cooling devices, but thankfully that time has thankfully passed. Evaporating water (water passing from liquid form to gaseous form) consumes heat as it changes state. That heat is taken from the air passing through the fan. As a result, fan users are washed in moving air that can be as much as 30 degrees cooler than ambient air. An engineering marvel, this handy device will operate for up to 5 hours on only 4 AA batteries.

Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan with Remote Control

Moving air is great, sure, but actually standing up and actually walking across the room in order to calibrate velocity, volume, and direction tends to upset the apple cart of comfort. To that end, the Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan comes complete with a battery-powered remote control. As if that's not amazing enough, the device oscillates but doesn't move. The oscillation takes place inside the tower: to the outside world nothing is happening save a magically cool breeze that emanates from between the high-tech ionization plates.

Zippi Desk Fan

No company makes a desk fan quite like the Zippi. Don't stick your hand in the spinning blades, but if you do, rest assured that the soft cloth blades provide a gentle slap but none of the flesh rending machinations so familiar to people who stick their hands into running fans. No cage encloses the rotating air movers: nothing makes a better conversation starter.

Several different colors are available, but green is highly recommended for obvious reasons.

Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler

Laptop computers generally run hot. They stay cool by employing small fans in the case, but sometimes the ambient air simply refuses to circulate properly across the components: overheating can result. An overheated laptop will generally shut down without warning. Data loss or permanent hardware damage can result. An auxiliary cooling device may help dramatically. Laptops used in direct sunlight or used outside on hot days usually require a secondary add-on to maintain proper operating temperatures. Look to the Antec Notebook Cooler to provide high volumes of moving air for electronics cooling.

This model draws power from a laptop USB port, obviating the need for a wall outlet. A three year warranty is included at no additional cost.


A fan represents more than a few rotating symmetrical devices. Look online for unique equipment intended to cool and amaze.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj: Another hub topic, perchance?

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      nicomp - if a gentleman can have a gentleman's gentleman, can a lady have a lady's lady?


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