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Buy Intex A 59900E Filter Cartridge for Easy Set Pools

Updated on July 22, 2010

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“These filters have such great value, especially since they are so cheap. You are definitely going to need these if you have a pool!”

“Some of the generic brands of filters don’t fit my pump, but the Intex a does. Not only that, but the Intex A is much more economical.”

“I would certainly want to recommend this product to anyone. It worked as well as the name brand.”

"These filters are wonderful. They are not expensive yet they are made to last. Recommend you buying these over the others."

"I always use these filters for my pool simply because they are the best. Look no further than these."

Click Here to Buy Intex A 59900E Filter Cartridge for Easy Set Pools

It is summertime, and everyone is dying to find a way to cool off and have fun. Water parks are too expensive for you. And worse, public pools are sure to be way too crowded, especially during summer. What about your own pool? Sure, the pool is a good idea, but it can get filled with all kinds of different types of mucky stuff. No one is going to want to swim in that. The solution? Buy an Intex A 59900E Filter Cartridge for Easy Set Pools. These filter packs are just the solution to keeping your water clean and crystal clear.

The Intex A filter cartridges are meant for use with 10-12 foot 15 foot and 18 foot easy set pools. Each one of the filter cartridges are 6.5 inches high and 4 inches in diameter. These high quality cartridges will each last 2-3 weeks with proper usage. In order to achieve maximum efficiency with the Intexa A 59900e Filter, you should rinse it daily with a hose to keep it clean. Afterwards, all you have to do is enjoy weeks of family fun in the pool before replacement is necessary. Because there are 6 in a pack, you should be able to have months of fun. With just a little maintenance, these Intex Filters are really all you will need to help keep your pool clean throughout the entire summer.


  • Each one of the Intex A 59900E Filter Cartridge 6.5" high and 4" in diameter
  • The filters should be used with 10' -12' 15' and 18' Easy Set pools
  • Filter A
  • There are 6 filter cartridges in each set of the Intex A 59900e Filter Packs


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    • profile image

      Jm Bob 5 years ago

      Was there a design change on the "A"filters? Many sites list the length at 8 inches and

      we need 6-1/2"