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Lasko 4440 40-Inch 3-Speed Hybrid Fan with Remote Control Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

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“This is a really good fan. It’s pretty much eliminated our need for an air conditioning. It’s saved us so much money on cooling costs already.”

“This fan blows more air than any other tower fans I’ve had. It’s really quiet too.”

“This fan is one of the most powerful one I’ve used so far. I haven’t had to use the highest setting as the lower settings have been adequate. The remote control is also really handy.”

"This fan is really good. It keeps me cool and I just love using it. Never had any problems with it so far. It's also easy to use as well."

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With the summer time rolling around the temperatures rising, it can get really hot in your house. Most people will just turn on their air conditioning but for many people AC is just too expensive. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to cool down the entire house if you are only residing in one room. The best option to save money while cooling a room is to use a fan.

One of the best fans that I’ve used is the Lasko 4440 40-Inch 3-Speed Hybrid Fan with Remote Control. This tower fan was designed to blow at least 30% more air than other fans. Maximum air flow means that you’ll cool down faster. There are 3 speed settings on this fan so that you can control how much air flow that you want. On really hot days, you can turn it up high and blowing at maximum. Included with the Lasko 4440 is a remote control so you can change settings without having to get up. Great for when you’re lazily watching TV on your couch and don’t feel like getting up.


  • Hybrid fan delivers 30 percent more air than standard tower fans
  • User-friendly control panel; 3 speed settings; widespread oscillation
  • Nightlight feature leaves a soft, glowing light around the unit
  • Patented fused safety plug; remote control with batteries included


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