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Buy Lychee Trees

Updated on August 15, 2011

Buy Lychee Trees

In our previous article ‘health benefits of Lychee’, we read about the health benefits of Lychee such as the ability to strengthen the bones thanks to its calcium content. We also read how Lychee can help treat dry coughs and nourish the skin of toxins that can promote the growth of spots and acne. To read more about the health benefits of Lychee, please visit ‘health benefits of Lychee’.

Nevertheless, none of us can benefit from Lychee if we don’t know where we can find them. Although supermarkets and grocery stores may have Lychee once in a while throughout the year, it is better that you grow your own Lychee trees at home or in the back garden. But where can you find Lychee trees. Let us read the article below about the different types of Lychee varieties as well as a look at how you should select a 3-7 gallon Lychee tree for excellent growth.

1) Lychee Brewster Variety

This Lychee Brewster variety is in a 3 gallon container and is one of the most favoured and famous fruits in the world. No wonder I am in love with them! In Florida, the Brewster variety is the most planted fruit there and has a rich, exotic flavour that can be addictive. One complaint about the Brewster variety is how the seed tends to grow at full size but sometimes, it might not develop from the start. Did you know that a Lychee tree can produce hundreds of pounds worth of Lychees once the tree is mature? Grab your hand on them now!

Other different varieties of Lychee include:

· Emperor Dwarf Lychee Tree

· Mauritius Lychee Tree

· Haak Yip Lychee Tree

· Sweetheart Lychee Tree

· Bengal Lychee Tree

How to Select a 3-7 Gallon Lychee Tree

Container Size

Having a 3-7 gallon sized container for your Lychee tree is a good idea if you’re hoping for a rapid growth with fruits beginning to grow within the 1st season. However, it would be a better idea if you can buy a 10-25 gallon container for your Lychee tree. These containers can help your Lychee growth further into their mature state faster than smaller containers. Mature trees are stronger in tolerating harsh living conditions such as drought, floods, hurricanes and severe cold. But you may have to pay delivery charges for these types of containers.

If you’re hoping for a slow growth into their mature state, you should rather buy 1 gallon containers. These types of containers are suitable for nursery schools and backyards. I personally recommend a faster growing Lychee tree if you’re living in colder climates such as the US or UK due to their seasonal weather changes which could affect the life of your Lychee tree. Nonetheless, it is your choice to make.

Root System

The root system is a very important part of any plant such as the Lychee tree. This can help you determine the strength of the roots of the Lychee tree. An excellent root system should allow you to hold the trunk of the tree easily without any frustrations.

Some containers don’t have enough soil that cannot drain water appropriately as well as maintain enough moisture inside. This can cause root rot and reduce the ability of the roots to develop. Nonetheless, you can solve this problem by replanting your Lychee tree with organic soil that can drain correctly. Make sure when you replant your Lychee tree with new soil, the Lychee tree is standing face-up so it can re-grow its root system the right way.


Without maintaining healthy soil, no plant can do well at all. This is why it is important that you maintain the soil by keeping it healthy all year round for your Lychee tree. Look for compost that can drain water well and has plenty of nutrients. Lychee trees will especially do well in organic fertilizers made from compost, seaweed or kelp. Mulch and other organic components as well as earthworms are all beneficial to the Lychee plant. You can find out more about how to grow Lychee by visiting ‘how to grow Lychee’ when it is published.


Overall, buying Lychees can be hard if you’re not able to find them due to the climate of your country. Nevertheless, others are more fortunate to eat them every day of their lives. I too wish I was living that life.


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    • DayLeeWriter profile image

      Debra Cornelius 

      7 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks! I might try growing one of these!!! Is so I'll let you know!


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