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Buy Round Area Rugs

Updated on February 15, 2011

Choosing Round Area Rugs

With the acceptance of wall-to-wall carpeting in the early 70’s the popularity of area rugs declined.  However with today’s movement towards “Green” lifestyles and natural flooring materials area rugs are making a comeback.  Round area rugs are the most popular choice for decorative areas in large rooms, whereas rectangular area rugs are the choice for traffic areas, hallways, and to place directly under furniture.

Selecting Area Rugs

The first thing people look for in an area rug is the design or pattern of the rug.  If it’s not visually appealing and doesn’t match the décor there is no point in investigating the quality.  The first thing every buy must do is visualize how the rug will look in their home… and more specifically in their desired room. If you are shopping locally or online it’s a good idea to take digital pictures of the room so you can compare where your rug will be placed to what you are seeing in front of your eyes.

Design is the expression of ones own unique personality and tastes.  When mixing patterns room to room one must consider the “feel” of each room as a separate entity or choose patterns that complement one another to create a “whole”. Mixing patterns without regard to a plan will result in a hodgepodge of distraction.

A design compliments a room through not only the pattern, but the use of color.  Color sets the tone to create warmth and a feeling of “home”.  Color is vital in tying the other elements of a room to the area rug.  Round area rugs draw the eye to the center and out to the surroundings so complementary colors are in order if the round area rug is to blend in, and contrasting colors if the round area rug is to stand on it’s own as a feature centerpiece.

A rugs texture creates an extension to the “feel” you are trying to create and should compliment both the color and the pattern.  You wouldn’t put a thick plush rug in a high traffic area anymore than you would put a slippery low profile rug designed for wear as a center piece in a living room.  Texture is aesthetically important to the interior design, but even more important to the longevity of the area rug depending on use. And remember that your rug will at some point require periodic cleaning so choose your texture and placement with this in mind.

The quality of materials and the skill of the craftsman creating the rug will determine the price.  Using exotic or organic natural materials and hand-crafting manufacturing drive up the price, but also ensure you a better experience. Cheap materials and mass produced machine made rugs lower the price.  But unless you are an expert it’s hard to tell the difference.  You put a lot of trust into your own intuition and knowledge of the materials.

Before shopping for area rugs make sure you measure the rooms in which you plan to place your new rugs.  It’s difficult to really get a feel for how something will look without knowing the dimensions of the rooms.

The Round Area Rug as a Center Piece

A round area rug can bring visual interest to an otherwise boring area.
A round area rug can bring visual interest to an otherwise boring area.


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