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Buy Saeco Espresso Machines

Updated on January 27, 2010

Saeco Nina Bar Traditional Espresso Machines

Saeco Espresso Machines like the Nina Bar Traditional can produce a variety of coffee beverages at home with a quality extremely comparable to that of the best coffee bars in Italy! This particular range of Saeco Espresso Machines features a control panel readout system which is extremely advanced while retaining great ease of use. Just push one of the buttons which are programmed to run the machine through its paces, and sit back to enjoy either a single or double shot of superlative espresso coffee in just seconds. The Saeco Espresso Machines come not only with the pannarello jet froth automatic wand, but also with a Cappucinatore which allows you to whip the creamiest cappuccinos and lattes!

Buy Saeco Espresso Machines Online

Coffee Chronicles, Part 13

The origin of the word coffee is embraced by a traditional ritual which begins: "There was once upon a time the Qahwa..." The Qahwa is a word which in its classic Arab origin indicated a beverage which was extracted from the liquids and oils produced by various special seeds and was drunk as a thick red-brown wine which had as its affect stimulating properties. It was used for medicinal purposes as well as to fight lethargy.

The significance, as time went on, of Kava and the Turkish Kahve, therefore coffee in the true sense of the word, became applicable only to what we know today as the coffee bean. The exact scientific terminology is "Coffea Arabica" which is a derivation that is sometimes contested by those historians who insist that the word coffee derived its name from the area in Ethiopia where the plant grew spontaneously and without the need for human assistance. This area is still known as Caffa.

As with other plants and seeds, the discovery and widespread international introduction of coffee is tied into the history of wars, colonization and International Commerce. The colonial adventures of the various European powers were primarily responsible for the widespread diffusion around the world of coffee.

There may be some truth to some of the more fanciful legends surrounding the origin of coffee. In fact, it is historically proven that inhabitants of Abyssinia were able to harvest coffee beans; they would drive them in the sun and then they would roast them in salted butter in order to make aromatic bread which they consumed in nomadic voyages. The tradition of making dried coffee butter bread is still quite common among certain African tribes.

The ancient Arab Warriors believed that the consumption of this type of bread with coffee in it would render them more courageous during their battles due to the presence of elevated levels of caffeine.

If anyone is reading this Hub who has a coffee bar or a bakery, I have just handed you the next franchise which will dwarf Starbucks. Dried coffee butter bread! Just imagine the commercialization of a luscious, rich, savory bread which contains the aroma and delectable flavor of coffee and the unquestioned zap of the caffeine component. We are talking about definitely the single most powerful impact new food product of the second decade of the 21st century. But remember. If you get the idea from me, (and you just did) you have to call it Hal Bread!

Continued in Coffee Chronicles, Part 14

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      ArojitRoy 7 years ago

      No doubt Saeco Espresso Machines is great. But one should take some think under consideration during choose his right Espresso Machines like performance, maintenance, durability, style and whether it is user-friendly.