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Buy a Door Stop Alarm Online

Updated on June 10, 2011

Door Stop Alarms - Feel Safe at Home

 In the United States a burglary occurs every 11 seconds. Nearly two thirds of these are residential and nearly two thirds occurs during the day.

Figure like these really make you think about home security. Most people can't afford a comprehensive home security system that is remotely monitored. Security experts often say that you don't need to make your home completely safe. You just need to make it more difficult to steal from than surrounding houses.

Door Stop Alarms are an inexpensive deterrent that can contribute to the protection of your home. They are also easily portable and can provide added security when travelling.

Door Stop Alarm Design

The idea is simple and effective.

A traditional door stop with an electronic sensor that triggers an alarm when activated. The sensor is located on the top of the device and the pressure from an opening door is all that is required to complete the circuit.

Battery operated, they require no installation and can be readily moved around the house.

Feel Safe at Home

 Door Stop Alarms are favored by the elderly and those living alone. The industry standard  emits a deafening alarm over 100dB.

Thieves are opportunists. The first sign of resistance and most will run. A high powered alarm triggered by their initial entry is a simple yet effective way of ensuring burglars leave with nothing.

When it come to value for money, door stop alarms top the list of devices that keep you safe.

The Popular Door Stop Alarm

 One of the more popular products is the GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm.

The on / off switch lets it act as a regular door stop and the rubber sole grips every surface.

Its 120 Db alarm is sure the deter any would be intruder. The only installation required is fitting a single 9 volt battery.

Variable Sensitivity Door Stop Alarm

The Super Door Stop Alarm has not only an on / off switch but also a sensitivity switch that lets you set the amount of movement required to trigger the alarm.

It also comes with a warning decal if you choose to add a visible deterrent. If intruders persist, the 118dB alarm will be more than sufficient.

The Budget Door Stop Alarm

 This twin pack can be picked up for less than $10 and contains simple, battery operated door stop alarms.

With an over 100 dB alarm, these door stops are an excellent choice to increase home security on a budget.

Door Stop Alarm Feedback

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    • shriash profile image

      shriash 8 years ago

      Alarming statistics about the burglary in US. Right time you published about the electronic alarm. Thank u for sharing.

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 8 years ago from Tampa Bay

      thanks for this article, did not know about this simple, effective alarm device. nicely done, thank you mcbean.