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Best Wastebaskets & Bins

Updated on July 24, 2014

There are many important things that you use every day to make your house, work place and life run smoothly and with precision. Some things you don't even think about, until the time when they break or are rendered useless.

Waste baskets are one such item. You throw out dozens of different things everyday - wrappers, lids, jars, bottles, tissues, paper and much much more.

What would you do with all these items if you didn't have a rubbish bin? Chances are items would amass on the floor, or collect in corners until such time as you decided that you should bag them and take them out to the large waste disposal.

Below you'll find a wide range of waste paper baskets for everyone - from the modern look to natural products, from classic to the merely functional. There are even wastebaskets for kids!

Modern One Tone Wastebaskets

Modern one color rubbish bins are a great choice for somewhere that needs a bin that is functional and low profile while still remaining unique and matching the room's theme.

If you need a bin for your office or work place, a modern style basket like one of the ones shown on the left is perfect to match your decor with an understated elegance.

With various shapes, sizes and colors available, you're sure to find one to suit your budget and your décor.

Functional Metal & Plastic Wastebaskets

A functional, low profile rubbish bin is perfect for areas that have high traffic but don't need something to exactly match the theme.

A lidded bin provides extra coverage and stability for moving and storing rubbish.

Plain whites and chromes give areas a neat and clean look.

These types of bins are great for use in areas such as bathrooms and public toilets.

Unique and Stylish Wastebaskets

If you prefer to make a statement with your wastebasket, there are plenty of choices available, in a range of colors.

Let everyone know that not even a wastebasket is ignored when it comes down to expressing your own personal style.

Click through on the left to see a wide range of funky style and color choices to add a unique touch to your home, office or workplace.

Children's Wastebaskets

There are two great reasons to buy a unique child's rubbish bin.

  1. Choose one based on your child's favourite character or cartoon.
  2. Choose one based on a theme so that everything in their bedroom matches.

There are plenty of choices available, whether you child loves Dora, Disney Princess, Spider Man or Hannah Montana, get them a wastepaper basket that expresses something about them.

These make great gifts, especially when filled with other toys and wrapped. Great for a birthday or Christmas present for your child or grandchild. Another ideas is to fill them up with similar themed items and give your child a great collecting to start decorating their room with.

No matter what the occasion, these cute kids bins will add an extra special something to your child's room.

Natural & Plant Wastebaskets

If you prefer the natural look in your home or workplace, there are plenty of bins available.

Whether you want bamboo, timber, woven or other types of natural products, there is a wide range to choose from.

If you prefer to go green, one of these is the perfect choice - although if you go green, chances are you'll prefer to recycle the waste you use the basket for, instead of throwing it in the garbage disposal!


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