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Buy a Garden Harvest Basket Online

Updated on April 12, 2011

What do you use to hold your harvested vegetables? A colander? A bucket? A box? Your straw hat? None of these is very stable and they don’t have the space to let your harvest spread out and breathe. Pile up lots of spinach and turnip greens, and you run out of room very quickly.

When picking your vegetables, you don’t want your precious lettuce to get mushed, your beets to stain your clothes, or your tomatoes to get bruised. What you need is a receptacle of the proper height, with enough length to accommodate a pretty good harvest, yet provide stability. What you need is a garden harvest basket.

Harvest baskets come in many shapes and sizes, and are made of various materials. Most often they are made of hard and soft woods or from graphite coated steel (the same kind of steel you see in a high-quality bird cage).

Pick a high-quality harvest basket, because you want it to hold up for many years. Don’t count on going to Garden Ridge or Hobby Lobby and finding the kind of quality basket that is made for garden hobbyists. Expect to pay a little more for fine workmanship.

The harvest baskets sold below on Amazon are exceptional values for the price. Your harvest basket will be an excellent investment that will make your gardening more pleasurable and efficient.

Ordinarily I’d be inclined to make do with whatever container I had on hand, as long as it held my vegetables. But I can see that quality, functionality and beauty are not mutually exclusive. That’s why I recommend these baskets to you!

This garden hod basket holds ¼ bushel.  It is made of both hard and soft woods, and has a vinyl coated mesh steel bottom.  You can actually rinse your veggies off and let the moisture drain out the bottom before bringing your harvest inside the house.  This basket is so versatile that you can also use it to hold your craft and knitting supplies.  It can even be a bread basket.

Amazon's close-up view of trug basket - I have this one and it's beautiful!

Here it is. Here’s the harvest basket you’ve seen in art and illustrations. These traditional English trug baskets are made of Oregon myrtle hardwoods, and no two are exactly like. The baskets are finished off with real copper nails for a unique look. You’re getting an heirloom quality basket here – one you can be proud to own and display.

The trug basket comes in both a small and large size. And the best part is that the baskets only weigh about 2 pounds each.

You can use this basket decoratively in your home. It’s beautiful by itself. But also picture it sitting on your kitchen counter, full of fresh flowers, fruit, or pinecones and nuts. It’s a picnic basket, it’s a guest towel holder. It holds magazines, it holds your knitting. It takes your breath away.

Just to the right is a close-up picture from Amazon of the traditional trug wood basket. You can see what it looks like in a lovely garden setting.

If you are proud of your harvests, you’ll eventually want to take photographs for your friends and fellow gardeners. Why not snap pictures of your harvest in the prettiest setting imaginable?

Steel wire harvest baskets

This lawn and garden black steel wire basket is one of the largest and tallest harvest baskets that Amazon carries. It can hold anything – and would look very attractive on your front porch in the autumn filled with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn!  It's an unbeatable buy, and something that is very versatile.


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