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Buy a Lean-To Greenhouse Online

Updated on December 18, 2012

Where better to buy yourself a new lean-to greenhouse, but online.

Relax in the comfort of your own home and have the kit delivered ready for assembly.

This type of greenhouse is great if you have an empty space on an outside wall that you can attach one to.

You can even use them as a mini-conservatory and place one over your back or side door entrance and this will better insulate your house too, from cold winter draughts.

A lean-to greenhouse will also better protect your home from cold winds in the less exposed aspect of your house, than a free-standing greenhouse.

There is no point placing one in the North side of your house, because it will never get any sun.

South-facing is best if at all possible, because these glasshouses are going to be in shade for half the day in either East or West-facing locations.

designer lean-to greenhouse
designer lean-to greenhouse | Source

If you have a nice south-facing aspect, then you should consider buying a lean-to greenhouse if at all possible. It will be more sheltered and warmer (heat from the house wall) than a free-standing one.

Unlike a normal greenhouse, your lean-to greenhouse will have one high side and one ordinary side, when you enter. This allows easy rainwater run-off which you can collect with a strategically placed water barrel.

This high side will be great for growing tall plants, liketomatoes, from staging height which will be easier for you to work with.

No more having to bed down the floor to work with them when they are small, or to weed them.

Your new greenhouse will offer you an extended growing season for all your vegetables, fruit, and flowers, as well as offering safe overwintering of tender perennials.

This little plastic lean-to is also available, which will do much the same job and may even be better than free-standing plastic greenhouses, as they will be anchored to the house and so less likely to blow away in a high wind. This particular model has two doorways, one to fit over your house door to bring the kitchen-garden closer to the kitchen.

The Solexx Harvester range of greenhouses are top of the range. Made from twin-wall 3.5mm solexx panelling (watch the video below) and coming complete with bench frame staging throughout and hanging rods for all your plants needs, this greenhouse is extendable in 8' units and comes complete with an 8 year warranty.

Easy assembled, with a large 78" x 36" door that can be fitted on either end, this kit comes complete with one large louvre window for ventilation.

It is available in a range of lengths from 6 feet through to a massive 24 feet.


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