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Buy a Makita Leaf Blower - A Leaf Blower That Will Blow You Away

Updated on September 15, 2014
Makita leaf blower - the 4 cycle engine is non-carb compliant
Makita leaf blower - the 4 cycle engine is non-carb compliant

Makita Leaf Blower Blows Away the Competition

The Makita leaf blower is a highly effective contender in the lawn and garden industry. It matters not if you are buying your very first leaf blower or upgrading from an older unit.

There are several reasons for considering a 4 cycle Makita leaf blower.

From the Makita Corporation about their 4 cycle engine technology:

Makita's 4-Stroke engines have been designed to the most demanding global standards for efficiency, noise level and emissions. Engineered for better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, they do not require fuel mix and have greatly reduced emissions over traditional 2-stroke engines. Makita's commercial 4-Stroke engines are easy to start, run quieter while maintaining power and performance.

This Makita Leaf Blower Has Served Me Well!

Makita Leaf Blower of the 4 cycle variety is beautiful, sleek, quiet, and efficient.
Makita Leaf Blower of the 4 cycle variety is beautiful, sleek, quiet, and efficient.

Benefits of Using a Makita Leaf Blower

  1. Most notably, it blows leaves and debris as it should. You can acquire some other units that are a bit less costly, but getting one that performs as well in terms of overall performance and environmental considerations is a difficult task.. In fact, the Makita leaf blower really blows away the competition in almost all the user reviews.
  2. Second - saves you $$$. The 4 cycle engine has been designed for fuel efficiency. Reports from pleased buyers state that their Makita leaf blower runs longer on a tank of oil-free gas than its less economical 2-cycle relatives. The engine is easy to start, as well.
  3. Third - Think Green, this 4 cycle blower is eco-friendly. Four cycle engines are far ahead of two cycle engines when it comes to emissions, regardless of the advance in technology of two cycle engines.. Since there is no oil/gas mixture, there are less contaminants released into the air. Additionally, the engine runs with a lot less noise, lessening the noise pollution. Your neighbors will thank you for making use of such a hushed device.
  4. Fourth - ease of use. Consider it. You have mixed your last tank of gas and oil. "Was that supposed to be 32:1 or 40:1?" No more mess on the garage floor. And the good thing - the Makita leaf blower takes only one or two pulls to start, routinely.
  5. Fifthly - you will look good using it. It's trendy blue, with a sleek body. Cool. OK, that's a stretch, but you will like the way you look with it in your hand.

My Own Makita Leaf Blower Story

On a personal note, I had a 2 cycle Echo that was supposed to be the top of the line. It worked Ok, but I always had trouble getting it started, almost from its first use. Far too often, I was huffing and puffing by the time it finally did start.

I finally took it to a repair dude to get it operating better. They did a tune-up.. After that it seldom worked at all. If I did get it started, it couldn't get up to full power. Of course, I took it back, but it never worked well.

I ordered another 2 cycle unit online, but right after learning about the advantages of 4 cycle engines, I made the decision to cancel my order (which had been backordered) and purchase a Makita leaf blower with a 4 cycle engine. "Holy Clean Driveway, Batman!" I am now a believer.

The Makita leaf blower is lighter in weight, it starts a lot easier, it is less noisy, and it does not produce the noxious fumes of a 2 cycle engine.


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