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Buy an Outdoor Chair Cover Online

Updated on June 10, 2011

Outdoor Chair Covers

There is little point spending a fortune on outdoor furniture only to have the elements destroying everything in less than a year.

Unless you have the space to move valuable furniture inside or undercover, Patio chair covers are a simple solution for protecting these vulnerable items.

They are quick and easy to put on, and can be removed in seconds letting you arrange your outdoor setting at the last minute.

Features of Patio Chair Covers

 There is not too much to them, but you should look for the following features:

1) Completely waterproof material

2) Drawstring or other suitable fixation to ensure complete cover.

3) Vents to prevent mildew

4) Appropriate shape for your chairs. Most come in standard and high back.

Patio Chair Covers and More.

 As well as the standard chair cover, other configurations are available.

A common example of this is the stackable chair outdoor cover. This lets you protect 6 or more stackable chairs with the one product, saving space and money.

It is also possible to get a cover for an entire set of table and chairs. This is ideal for heavy tables that are difficult to move.

Stylish Patio Chair Cover

 This product by Classic Accessories looks great and has all the features you need.

It comes in both a standard and high back version and popular with a high level of user satisfaction.

Budget Outdoor Chair Cover

 At around $15 this is one of the cheapest products on the market.

It doesn't look as nice as the Classic Accessories cover, but it is waterproof and has a vent to prevent condensation that causes mildew.

Stackable Patio Chair Cover

 Cover the lot with this stackable cover by Classic Accessories.

Like all of their products, it has an attractive fabric cover over a protective PVC lining. Straps at the base tether the cover against the wind to keep everything in place.

Table and Chairs Outdoor Cover

 When it is impractical to move furniture, protecting both the table and chairs with one cover is often the best option.

You are able to quickly cover everything in the event of bad weather, and remove the cover with all furniture already in its correct place.

A complete cover is also much cheaper than buying individual chair and table covers.

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