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Buy a Power Chef Electirc Grill Online

Updated on April 15, 2010
Save $50 on Dimplex Power Chef Electric Grills through May 31
Save $50 on Dimplex Power Chef Electric Grills through May 31

BarBQ season is upon us. It's time to uncover the old gas grill and make sure everything is working... OR NOT!

Maybe it's time to buy an electric grill online.

More specifically, maybe it's time to buy a Dimplex Power Chef Electric Grill.

The Power Chef has some features that may give you just the right reason to go electric. For instance, if you buy a Dimplex Power Chef electric grill online, you will eliminate many of the hassles you experience when using a gas grill:

  1. No more hot spots and flare-ups to burn your food or you
  2. No more empty gas tanks
  3. No more broken igniters

Electric grills give you more control. And the newest technology has some great benefits too:

  • They are ideal for quick start-up
  • Approved for condo and apartment balconies
  • Plug in to any normal electrical outlet

You can also get the perfect grill marks every time because of the new technology in the Power Chef electric grill. The grate actually has heating elements running through it to grill your food on contact, creating nice grill marks that will make YOU the talk of your neighborhood.

Watch This Video about the Dimplex Power Chef Electric Grill

Once you have seen the video, you will have to agree that the Power Chef is a step above the competition.


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