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Tips for Choosing a Rechargeable Flashlight

Updated on September 28, 2011

The Dependable Rechargeable Flashlight

A rechargeable flashlight can assure that you have lighting when you need it. They help eliminate occurences of picking up a flashlight only to find the batteries are dead and none are in the house. These rechargeable models are always ready and fully powered up, ready to do the work you need done.

Below you'll find some highly recommended rechargeable flashlights as well as a few tips on choosing the right one.

Buying Tips

There are a few things shoppers need to consider before choosing a rechargeable flashlight. First you need to consider what type of tasks you need it to do, then match that up with some of the features and characteristics below:

  • Light Source
    Some rechargeable flashlights will use incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are capable of casting light a long distance but will break more easily than LED powered devices. LEDs will be very durable and efficient, burning longer and using less battery power than a traditional incandescent bulb. On the other hand, a Xenon or halogen bulb can provide an even more powerful light and illuminate a further distance. The range of LEDs is a bit more limited.

  • Size and Weight
    Shoppers should also compare the size and weight of flashlights and compare that to the work they want the light to do. Some larger lights have stands and act more as a spot light or lantern, others are designed to set on a table to light a room, while some are quite small and can be carried while walking or hiking long distances.

  • Adjustability
    Some of these items offer variable light output. For instance, some allow the user to set it for a spot light function or a flood light function. Some have a swivel head to make it easier to direct exactly where the light will shine when working.

  • Run Time
    It will be important to know the run time for any given rechargeable flashlight. Some will operate for an hour or two, others for far more per charge.

  • Other Features
    Rubber grips provide a sure hold on any flashlight.

    Some are built more ruggedly and will tolerate a fall or some moisture. Shoppers can look for devices that say they are water or shock resistant.

    While some of these flashlights require a separate mounting bracket, others come with an AC/DC plug that folds out and plugs directly into a wall outlet.

  • Brightness
    As mentioned above, Halogen and Xenon bulbs tend to be among the brightest flashlights. However, shoppers can compare lumens to determine the relative brightness the flashlight can provide. Certainly 45 lumens is far more, and far brighter than say 9 lumens.


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    • profile image

      cordless impact 7 years ago

      I really like your blog, it was very informative.

    • reddog1027 profile image

      reddog1027 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Bookmarked, so I can refer to it again when making a flashlight purchase.

    • Jacob Darkley profile image

      Jacob Darkley 7 years ago from California, USA

      I just bought one of these for a trip to Europe! I'm going to put it through some rigorous tests before I go, and if it fails then I'll take your advice and buy one with a longer run time from your links instead. Fingers crossed, though...