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Buy a Snuggle Fleece Blanket Online - Keep your Body Warm This Winter

Updated on September 27, 2012

Brrrr! Winter is almost here and trust me, I know what it is like to sit in a freezing room with my fingers turning numb while I tap away at a keyboard.

Why not buy a lovely warm snuggle fleece blanket online to wrap yourself up cosily, and beat those winter blues?

Not all of us have central heating, and for those of us that do, isn't it wasteful on resources to run a full central heating system to heat just one room? As electricity and gas prices rise higher and higher, we don't want to turn on heaters until we absolutely have to, due to economic constraints.

One way to stay warm is to wear more layers of clothing. Loose layers work better than tight layers, and if you have a fleece cardigan or jacket, for Goodness sake, put it on.

We lose heat through our heads, so wearing a hat of some sort is a good idea. Also, keeping our feet warm can warm up the rest of our bodies.

Snuggle fleece blankets are ideal however, if we don't want to feel all padded out with clothing, especially if someone comes to the door.

Wrap yourself up in a snuggle fleece blanket that takes only takes a fraction of a second to unwrap should that doorbell ring.

Stay warm all over this winter in a snuggle fleece blanket.

snuggle fleece blanket
snuggle fleece blanket

This Fleece Snuggle Blanket looks absolutely ideal for staying warm.

Weighing only 3lbs, you can turn this 100% polyester blanket into a robe with the snap-on sides. Use either at home or while out in your car or at a stadium.

It measures 60" x 67".

In spruce plaid (tartan), this snuggle fleece blanket comes with a zippered carrycase for storage when not in use.

Would make a great gift for someone close to you.

Don't let hypothermia set in this winter.

Stay warm.

A snuggle fleece blanket can be worn both indoors and out.

Take it with you in the car if you are going to an outdoor sports arena where you know it will be cold.

Don't suffer in silence. Take this cosy fleece blanket with you.

Your hands can still be free to use for whatever, even if it just to wave your team on.

The Snuggie Fleece Blanket is the one everyone is talking about.

  • Weighing only 2lbs, it also turns easily into the perfect wrap around with sleeves.
  • Ideal for keeping warm on those chilly days, the Snuggie fleece blanket offers all round cosiness.
  • You can leave the heating off while wearing one of those.
  • Save a fortune on your utility bills with a Snuggie fleece blanket.
  • Measures 71" x 54".

Perfect for snuggling down on the ouch while watching TV, beat the cold with THE SIMPSONS Homer Simpson Edition TV Sofa Fleece Snuggle BLANKET.

Weighing only 2lbs but a massive 44" x 62" in size, this snuggle fleece blanket also has a foot-warmer and accessory pockets.

Stay warm this winter. If you use your heating and have an income to pay for it, consider giving this to an elderly relative this Christmas.

Don't allow your granny or grandad to become a victim of hypothermia this year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Blanket with Sleeves is sure to keep the cold at bay.

Weighing 1.3lbs, it's a massive 48" x 71" when opened out.

It covers all your body, especially your arms, shoulders and upper body, leaving your hands free to read books or work at your computer.

Snuggle up in this fleece blanket and stay warm this winter.

The Cuddle Blanket Plus Super Cozy Body Blanket w/Sleeves weighs 4.2lbs and is 60" x 87" in size.

It is a super soft cosy fleece blanket that you can snuggle up and keep warm in.

With your arms in the sleeves, your hands are free to read, knit, manage the TV remote control or even work or play at your computer.

Can be used indoors or out, and by all the family.

The Sunbeam Fleece Throw Royal Cuddle Up Electric Heated Warming Heating Blanket would make a great gift.

Turn the thermostat down or even off, and use a little power (much less than a room heater) to warm this fleece blanket up. Great for the elderly and infirm, as well as those who just want that little extra bit of comfort.

  • Measures 50" x 60"
  • 2 year warranty
  • PrimeStyle auto-off control
  • 3 warming settings
  • Ultra soft fleecy comfort
  • Machine wash and dry

The TV Blanket - Blanket Sleeves - Snuggle Blanket - Pink fleece blanket is just great for snuggling down and staying warm in front of the TV, are at the cinema, sports stadium or anywhere else that you might feel the cold.

Weighing just 2lbs, this snuggle fleece blankets come with extra wide arms to keep your arms cosy and warm, and big deep feet pockets to keep those draughts away.

Not only that, but the offer on this snuggle fleece blanket is BUY ONE - GET ONE FREE! What a superb offer.

Snuggle Fleece Blankets for Baby


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