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Buy a Washing Line or Clothesline

Updated on June 18, 2014

When it comes to drying your washing, it's important that you have a suitable location as well as an appropriate means of airing them.

Leaving clothes inside to dry can lead to mildew both on the clothes and on other nearby items if the area is not properly ventilated.

Washing lines are a great way of drying your clothes outdoors - either by pegging them to the line or by using clothes hangers.

The best location for a clothesline is somewhere that has sun for at least a few hours of the day.

However if you can't get a good sunny location, try at least for an area that gets a good morning or afternoon breeze.

Retractable Clothes Lines

A retractable line is a great option if you live in a small unit or don't have a lot of space.

Easily attached to a wall with a few bolts, they fold away into a tight and compact unit.

Simply pull out the line and attach on a hook on the opposite wall, then hang your clothes.

Once they are dry, simply stow it away again!

There are several types of retractable clothes lines available including:

Multiple line - If you have a lot  of washing or just want the most hanging space possible in a small area.

Single Line - If you don't have a lot of washing, or if you need an easily portable spare line for when you go camping.

On poles - If you don't have a high area to attach the clothes line to.

Umbrella, Rotary & Hills Hoist

If you live in an area with no problems when it comes to space, a rotary washing line might be just the thing.

They're also great if you want to hang a large amount of washing in as small a space as possible, while still drying it quickly.

There are three common types of these larger washing lines:

Rotary - spinning line that allow for easy basic washing placement.

Umbrella - arched upward, this is both an easy one to use and great for gaining maximum sun and air exposure for your washing.

Hills hoist - invented in Australia, this washing has a simple means of raising and lowering the washing pole, which is great if you have height considerations (either your own or worries about a jumping pet.)


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