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Buy Thermos online: The best coffee flasks, travel mugs and food jars

Updated on May 8, 2015

Coffee flasks: For those who can't survive without caffeine!

For those looking for some of the best original "vacuum flasks" by Thermos, coffee lovers and anyone who loves to keep drinks and food at their temprature for hours, for school kids, people who love to drink coffee at work or during travelling, for those on the go, this is for you! The best and original Thermos coffee flasks, food jars and others.

Thermos Nissan bottles

Made of stainless steel, this 34 ounce (1L) thermos keeps hot fluids hot for 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours! It's durable and when I say durable I mean really durable!, leak-proof and nicely designed. I think the capacity of this one is very practical.

Make sure you only buy the original "Thermos" brand vacuumes as they are known by their quality and simple designs.

Designed to fit in your briefcase, backpack or messenger bag. Being such a tall thermos makes it both capacious and easily carried in your bag. The possible drawback of this design would be difficult cleaning.

Ideal for coffee. This mug can keep morning coffee steaming hot until the end of the workday (be carefull not to burn your tongue!). To avoid burning your lips or tongue, you can let the coffee cool to your preferred drinking temperature and then seal it up, as mentioned by one customer.
It has a strong structure and outstanding design that it never dribble or leak even if you hold it upside down, and it is also easy to clean. The best thing about this 16 ounce mug is that you can drink directly from it, from ANY direction. It is also cheaper than some of the other 16 ounce thermoses.

Where to buy a thermos online?

Before we continue, remember to check the ranking and the costumers reviews (positive and negative) about the product you like. It is important to check and see what problems did other people face when they bought this product. For more than 100 years people have trusted Thermos brand products as they preserve temprature, freshness and flavour. They also so durable (no dents!) and light.

This one is for coffee lovers and those who like to make coffee while at work or travelling. A coffee press and vacuum-insulated thermos that can make great coffee and keep it hot for enough time, actually it should keep the coffee hot (or should I say warm?) for about 5 hours but the reviewers mentioned that it stays drinkable for about an hour or two. Anyway, this depends on how hot you like to drink your coffee and "how long" do you need to keep it really hot?

Durable, wide, easy to use with no plastic parts. You can also use it to make team hot chocolate, cider and any hot drink.

Excellent for travelling and those who love to drink coffee while driving. This tumbler can fit into most car cupholders and keep coffee hot for hours. It's super-easy to use, just squeeze the lever to open the sip-hole (the second thermos to the left), release it to close the hole.

It's spill proof but as I see, come customers reported that it can sometimes be leaky, so i don't recommend putting it in your bag, still great as a desk mug or a travel mug.

Thermos work series stainless steel flask blue 1.2

This one offers more space with the 1.2 L capacity (40 Oz), although it doesn't look that big. It's durable and dent resistant. Made of stainless steel with rubber bumpers. The cup fits into most cars' cup holders.

Keeps fluids hot for 24 hours and cold for 24 hours, it weighs 1.8 pound.


Most people find it very useful to scroll down the page and see the related items section where you can find similar products of different sizes and you may even end up buying one of these instead of the one you were viewing! Also, give yourself sometime to read the user comments and reviews which may warn you about something that is not clearly mentioned in the item description.

Stainless steel water bottles

Eco-friendly, durable and doesn't react with beverages. These hydration bottles are available in many, many sizes and keep your water, iced tea, and juice cold ALL day.

They are durable, sanitary, easy to clean and toxin free, perfect!

Thermos flasks for kids: Thermos leak-proof food jar

Excellent insulation and good price! This one is ideal for kids (and adults, too!) as it can keep your food and beverages cold or hot for many hours. Specially for those kids who refuse to eat because the food has gotten too cold.

It's doesn't leak or spill and it stays cool to touch from the outside. It's made of stainless steel from the inside and outside and so it is non reactive with food or fluids.

More Thermos food jars

16 ounce (1/2 L) capacity, maximum insulation and temperature retention. Food stays hot for many hours, the jars are leak-proof and of course it stays cool to touch no matter how hot the food is. Thermos keeps their promises! Great for travelling and school lunches.

Many people actually like the one with spoon, make sure you ask for it!

An old video!


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