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Work Esky Choices Online | Lunch & Food Storage

Updated on July 25, 2014

In Australia, an Esky is a nickname for a cooler or portable icebox. The name originates from the Australian brand of Esky, which was short for Eskimoes, who live in cold climates.

The rest of the world hasn't heard of Eskies. However, here in Australia, the term icebox or cooler is rarely used.

An Australian going on a picnic is likely to pack their Esky with picnic items.

There are many types of Eskies available - from small one meal types to larger, family sized ones. There are even Eskies that run on batteries or plugin to your car for longer family trips.

An Esky is an insulated container used to keep food and drink cool. Usually this is done by placing either ice or ice packs in the container.

Small Lunch Size Eskies

Small Eskies are a great way to take your lunch to work.

If you work somewhere that is far away, it's an easy way to transport your lunch between home and the work fridge.

And if you work on a construction site or have a job that takes you away from the office often, then an ice block or two will keep your food at the perfect temperature while you travel.

They're also a great option for taking drinks or snacks to a sporting match.

The Eskies come in a range of styles and colors - click through on the left to find almost any color or pattern you can imagine!

Family Size Eskies

Larger Eskies are a great way to store a larger range of food or drinks.

Picnics & Outings - If you're going out for a family picnic, one of these is the perfect way to keep lunch cool while the family spends a few hours working up an appetite.

Long Trips - If you're going to another town or out of state, chances are you don't want to have to rely on friends or fast food to feed the family. Throw your favourite foods in the Esky for the trip.

Parties & Barbecues - If you're having an outdoor party or just don't have the room in your refrigerator for all the party food, simply fill an Esky with ice and throw in a heap of drinks so guests can help themselves.

Electric and Miscellaneous Eskies

If you spend a lot of time travelling, for work or pleasure, you can end up spending a lot of money on take away food.

An electric Esky is the perfect solution. Most types either work by being plugged into a power point for the night before the trip or with battery power. Most can also be plugged into your car battery overnight or while driving.

Definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who has plans to travel a lot but wants to save money.

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