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Buy dinner sets online from Corelle dinnerware

Updated on October 7, 2011

Corelle impressions dinnerware sets

Dinner is often the only meal that people have with their families or friends. Having a lovely Corelle Impressions dinner set inspires you not only to cook a great meal for your family, but make this every day affair seem special.

Great dinnerware also serves as an inspiration to have people over and entertain them at your home with a splendid home cooked meal.

Most women are kitchen proud and a Correlle Impressions dinnerware set would be the right thing for you. You have a great range of elegant designs to choose from.

Corelle Impressions Camellia
Corelle Impressions Camellia

Choosing dinnerware

While choosing a dinner set, you would want to look at a few things before you settle on a particular collection.

I would basically consider the utility, durability, the cost of maintenance, the design and the colour before I settle for a particular dinner set.

Trendy dinnerware from Corelle - with beautiful designs inspired by nature

If you are buying something for everyday use, you would look at products from Corelle. These dinner-sets last and last, they are chip resistant, dish washable, child proof, easy to use and clean and lighter than stoneware or most other crockery.

Corelle impressions is a beautiful range of dinner sets with some fabulous designs that it is really worth taking a look at them. You can buy these wonderful dinner sets online at Amazon. I have selected a few sets which caught my eye while I was online shopping for dinner sets.

You could look at more designs if these do not fit your bill by clicking on any of the links and browsing through the product line.

Beautiful dinnerware sets from corelle

Corelle impressions spring is a beautiful piece of crockery designed to bring the freshness of springtime to your table. This 16 piece dinner ware set, service for four is perfect for everyday dining. This spring pattern has beautiful blades of grass and pink buds making the set look very attractive and worth the buy. This 16 piece dinner set consists of 4 each of 10 x 3/4th inch dinner plates, 8 ½ inch luncheon plates, 18 ounce bowls and 11 ounce mugs. The durability of these plates from Corelle is legendary.

The only problem with the dinner set is that the mugs are crafted of Corelle stoneware which is heavier and breakable. As all things Corelle, these are dish washable and child proof.

16 piece dinnerware sets

Corelle impressions 16 pc dinner ware set tulip bouquet is another collection of beautiful Corelle ware with delicate looking red tulips and green leaves contrasting them. These could be mixed and matched with the spring collection.

These floral designs can brighten up the table at any time. Though the mugs are printed with the same tulip bouquet, the cereal / soup bowl is just rimmed in green. This is another set that is really springy and great for everyday use.

Corelle 16 pc dinner ware set Camellia

Corelle 16 pc dinner ware set Camellia is another beauty worth adorning your table with. This dinner ware set can be mixed and matched with other pink and blue sets. This set comes with beautiful prints on the mugs and the bowls. This flowery pattern is so pretty and sells for more at places outside Amazon. The beauty of Corelle plates is that occupies so little of your cupboard space.


Dinnerware with understated elegance

Corelle impressions white flower 16 pc dinner ware set service for four. This is a very understated and sophistic looking floral dinner ware.

The print is so light that it looks ethereal. It features a single blossom on the plates and the mugs. Having just white prints allows you a greater amount of freedom to mix it and match it with other kitchen ware.

There are many other pieces of tableware that coordinates well with these dinner sets that I have picked out. I have displayed some of these below to make your choice easy. Hope you do have a wonderful experience with your Corelle dinner ware sets.


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    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Thank you Greg. Corelle is worth it!

    • profile image

      Greg Sleter 7 years ago

      Some great info about Corelle.

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Carrie, I agree with you completely. My children handle them so roughly and they seem to last and last.

      Yeah the best deal is that they are not only durable but also so pretty!!

      Thank you for that quick review and comment. God bless!

    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      I have been using this Corelle dinner wear, it seems like forever sofs.

      I still have the same set from 30 years ago. What I like so much is that they are almost unbreakable and have beautiful patterns to choose from. Nice hub.