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Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Updated on September 13, 2010

You Don't Have to do Any Research

It's all here for you compiled from customer reviews and one of the top consumer magazines in the UK, all tried and vigorously tested using the same sieves for literally 100's of products to find to-days ' Best Value Vacuum Cleaner'

Don't Buy

Before we get into the good stuff here's a few machines that have no place in any home. Bringing up the rear is the Tesco 007 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, with the Tesco VCU 109 at £33.00, keeping it company. Next in line is the 'Hoover One Touch (apt name) at an astounding £195.00 and to conclude the bottom four is 'The Electrolux Envirovac all performed abysmally against test for picking up dust off carpets, believe it or not, noise, cleaning floorboards and retaining allergens.

Value for Money Vacuum Cleaners

Not exactly the best with a score of 71%, but at £140.00 the Bosch BS9L40009B bagged cylinder is the best value for money.
At 6.4 Kg it's close to 1kg lighter than the average Vacuum Cleaner of it's type.

It's a good all round cleaner great for picking up pet hair and one of it's more sophisticated functions is a bag full indicator (I just keep going, don't tell the misses). It also has a telescopic tube which packs away smoothly.


It's a little noisier than most and there's better models available if you have allergies, if you don't this is a value for money best buy.

The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic Eco-May MC-UL594 scores a 65% at £180.00 voted Best Buy/Great Value in this category; with cylinder collection it gives you the added bonus of not having to change a bag.
It's great on laminates and carpets and excellent on floorboards and lifting pet hair.

So why Eco

Because it only uses 3/4 of the energy of the average model which I find quite extraordinary, or should I get out more. The filters also do their job which is great for allergy suffers.


It's great if you live in a bungalow (not so hot on stairs).

Best Value Vacuum Cleaner, The Miele S 4212 Plus

No1, Top Dog, Hot, at only £20.00 more than the Bosch BSGL4000GB.

Voted No1 for value is 'The Miele S 4212 Plus' at £160.00. Brilliant for all types of flooring the head is designed to get into tight corners and edges, which must be a plus, yes I do hoover.

Theres no link to Amazon or Ebay however the first two Miele vacuum cleaners on the right have 42 and 36 reviews and both have 5 stars so that confirms that the make is good.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Allergy Sufferers

It also came out on top as the best vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers with a top rating for allergen retention. It's full of different tools for all kinds of job from mattresses to the family car.


Which! Magazine remarked they where being a little picky when saying there where quieter models on the market.
To combat this I recommend earphones, ipod and romantic music.
You may not hear the phone ring or answer the door, but who cares when your dancing with the Best Vacuum Cleaner in town.


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