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Buy unique and trendy safety hard hats online

Updated on May 11, 2011

Hard hats are an important part of any safe workplace. They make sure that the most important part of your body is kept safe - your head (and with it your brain.)

In some countries and states, hard hats are mandatory while in others, wearing a hard hat is based on factors such as whether the site manager or health and safety officer think they are required or in some cases, how high the work is and what level a person is working on.

No matter what the reason or where they are worn, hard hats are very important. However, they don't have to be boring. Below you'll find a great range to suit every person - male or female. There is also a range of accessories available at the bottom of the page, including new straps, neck covers, eyeglass holders and more.

For the Girls

If you know a girl who is tough enough to work on a building or construction site but still loves to be girly, there are plenty of options for her.

On the right you can see some of the lovely colors available - bright and pale pinks as well as purples.

Any girl can stand out on a job site with one of these brightly colored, unique hats.

There are also a range of stickers and decals available to jazz up hard hats.

Click through to see more interesting colors and styles that girls will love.

Something Different

For the guy who loves his manly pursuits, there are some great hard hat options.

For the darker guys there are suitable fiery hats, skull & crossbones or barbed wire designs.

For the guys who either work in or love the army - or just think that their work place requires a dog hole for when the boss appears, there are some great army print hats available.

And of course - for the guys who ride a Harley - there are the Harley Davidson hard hats - great for making a statement at work, whether they rode the bike to work or it's home in the garage.

These make a great birthday gift for any guy and will be appreciated - by both him and his mates!

Unique Shape Hard Hats

Of course not everyone wants a boring old normal shaped hard hat.

In fact, for the cowboys, there is a very unique style now available.

Smith and Wesson have now brought out a unique cowboy hard hat.

Shaped just like a real cowboy hat but made of sturdy strong plastic that meets the safety requirements of regular cowboy hats, these are the perfect thing for any cowboy to wear to work.

Patriotic Hard Hats

For the patriot, there are suitable country hard hats available.

If you're an American get a patriotic flag hard hat.

Or for the true Canadian, get one of the red and white maple leaf hard hats.

Whichever you choose, people will be sure to know you are proud of your heritage.

Team & Color Hard Hats

As you can see below, there are a great range of team hard hats available for die hard supporters.

Some of the available hats include Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and Pittsburg Steelers with many more available.

There are also plenty of color choices for anyone who just wants a bright color to stand out in the work place or if you want to design and craft your own with stickers or decals.

Hard hats are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, like this Smith & Wesson hard hat from Amazon.
Hard hats are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, like this Smith & Wesson hard hat from Amazon.


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