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Buying Twin Bed Frames and Bed boards

Updated on February 5, 2011

Quality BedFrames

Bed frames can be found in different sizes, colors, design and even shape, the bed frame you’re looking for will largely depend on the size of your bedroom, your bed, and mattress. Any bed frame you buy will also largely depend on your pocket as their prices vary from store to store and the method of payment that is convenient to you. Quality of the bed frame and bed board will also affect the type of bed frame you are looking for. The durability will also affect the type of bed frame and bed board you are looking for and you may be force to part with more if quality is what you are looking for.

Type of material will also affect type of bed frame and the higher the quality the higher the price of that particular bed frame. Design also plays a very big role when looking for any particular bed frame and you rather go for something that you love and will give comfort. Below are types of bed frame and bed boards that you can get from various online shopping portals or any other shopping merchant near you. It’s upon you to look for relevant qualities you are after

South Shore Bedframes

South Shore Furniture Bed Frames and Bed Boards

The merchant have got various types of bed frame and bed boards that you can choose from, and all these are available on Amazon shopping portal. These are some of the Bed Frames and Bed boards found at South Shore Furniture

Basic Collection Full Platform Bed, Black - the manufacturer describes it as Sleek, material use are eco friendly, has got a rounded corner design for personal safety, Easy to assemble and have a 5 year warranty, the bed frame measuring 54 inches wide by 75 inches long by 10 inches high.

The cost at Amazon starts from $161.6, and with so many reviews of people who have bought the item. Versa Collection, Headboard 54''/60'', Ebony is also one of the bed board found at the south shore furniture costing about $100 from Amazon store

Handy Living Bed Frames

Wood Slat Bed Frame cost about $100 from Amazon store and with the following characteristics and qualities. The Full wood bed frame only Requires home assembly with all parts are recyclable. Stable on steel legs, including extra side legs and a center support leg; 13 inches under-bed storage and measures 76 inches long by 54 inches wide by 13 inches high,

The are so many positive reviews about the Handy Living Wood bed frame from Amazon that may help you make a decision and here is just one of such reviews "elevated comfort, I purchased this frame for my granddaughter's bed. We both love that it is noiseless and very comfortable....the fact that it sits a foot off the floor is a positive.... Read more from Amazon”

Living Bed Frames

Prepac Bed Frames

King Platform Storage Bed Frame, Espresso. Prepac also have some of the high quality bed frames and bed boards and King platform is just of the many available option that you can choose from and has got the following features have a 5 year warranty and ready to assemble upon delivery, it has got metal slide with safety stops for smooth drawer movement while opening and closing no special cleaning material is required and readily available clothes can be use for cleaning the bed, it measures 78-1/2 inches long by 81-1/2 inches wide by 18-3/4 inches high and a 21 inches bed height with use of 8 inches mattress.

The bed is also available from many stores and online it can be purchase from Amazon. These are some few manufacturers of bed frames that I have managed to highlight but for more review you can check any online shopping portal that stocks bed frames and bed boards


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