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Guide to Best Ceiling Fans 2017

Updated on February 21, 2017

I needed to make some updates to my home before I sold it. I was told by a real estate agent that I really needed to install ceiling fans but I was not sure which ones would be the best. It was certainly going to take me some time to go through everything that was out there and to determine which one was going to be the best. There are a few things that I learned about styles.


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Vintage ceiling fans are very easy to find. In fact, they will have up to 60” of span when it comes to the blades. They are also available in a Golden Espresso finish. These are nice because they will look great with just about any décor that you have in your home. I looked at these and I found that they even offer black blades that are able to create a very elegant look.

Contemporary ceiling fans are also become very popular and they are easy to find. You may want to consider a fan like this if you want to create some very slender and sleek lines in your home. When homes are going for a modern feel these can be very helpful and they are not very expensive. Anyone that has dark wood in their home will want to consider a fan that has a brushed steel finish. I was really shocked to find out that these will fit in just about any location and look amazing.

There are many trends that are making their way in the market when you are trying to buy best ceiling fans. Individuals are going to be able to select from wooden blades as well as steel blades that are crafted and sculpted around wonderful lights. It goes without saying that once you see some of these ceiling fans they can really complete a room and enhance the entire look and feel.

More and more companies are making their ceiling fans more energy efficient. With more and more people going green it only makes sense that ceiling fans would also take the necessary steps to help out with this mission. It is very easy to find an energy star fan in any model that you want to complete the look and feel of your home. You will never have to sacrifice looks for efficiency.

When you start your search to buy ceiling fans there are a few facts that you might want to keep in mind. Here is what I have learned:

  1. Ceiling fans are not going to cool a room but they do cool down a person. This happens by increasing the evaporation off of the skin. It creates what we know as a wind chill effect.
  2. They are very effective at heating a room. This is because heat rises and the fan will push the hot air back down.
  3. Cheaper is not always better. You will find that the motor and other components are not going to be nearly as effective if you go to cheap. It is always best to find something that is in the middle of the road when it comes to the price you are going to pay.

So, you may be wondering why you want to buy ceiling fans in the first place. I learned that they can enhance the look of your home but there are some other reasons for a ceiling fan.

  • They are very effective at helping to increase the air circulation in your home. As previously mentioned, they create that wind chill effect that helps you feel cooler.
  • They can help you decrease the cost of cooling your home in the summer months by helping move the air around.
  • You will be able to switch the direction of the blades and then you can also keep your home warmer.
  • Best ceiling fans are very effective at helping create a beautiful look and feel in any room of your home. With some many different colors and styles to select from, it is possible to complete any look you want.

If you do not have any ceiling fans in your home then it may be time for you to start looking. I am very pleased that I purchased ceiling fans. You will be just as pleased.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan


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