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Buying Garden Shredders

Updated on March 21, 2011

Tips on Buying Garden Shredders

Garden shredders are very beneficial for working gardeners and garden enthusiasts. It can easily convert small branches, twigs, and leaves into mulch or into small shreds that will compost rapidly. Garden Shredders are also efficient to use since it cuts time, effort and trips to the landfill. However, before even thinking of buying a shredder there are a couple of things you should consider.

Types of blades and noise levels:

Quiet shredders, also known as silent garden shredders are the most updated models. It employs a different cutting mechanism that automatically feeds as their turning cogs pull the material into the shredded to be crushed and the cut that makes it different from noisy garden shredders. These types of shredders are less-costly ; it works by using the traditional spinning blade to do the chopping.

Buying Garden Shredders
Buying Garden Shredders

Which is better: Petrol or Electric shredders?

If you want to own a more cost efficient shredder then you might want an electric garden shredder, as it does not require the use of gasoline saving you more money. However, it belongs to the medium power range of garden shredders, you also need to be certain that the cable is long enough to get to where you want to do your shredding. Petrol shredders allows you to move freely around your garden and also considered as one of the most powerful shredders available in the market. Most petrol shredders cost a lot  but it's a good  buy because of the quality of the cuttings it can produce. The only disadvantage of a petrol garden shredder is maintenance, it requires more attention in cleaning and it also needs constant filling of petrol.
Types and sizes of garden waste:

There are many kinds of garden wastes branches from hedges, leaves, twigs and even kitchen wastes like vegetables can be shredded. When looking for a garden shredder the blurb will typically indicate what size of twigs or branches you are allowed to feed into the shredder.
Purpose of the garden shredder:

Is it for compost making? You must be aware that a garden shredder will not make compost but it will help in chopping your garden wastes into smaller bits that tends to decompose faster. You must  read the description of the model you are planning to purchase because some quiet garden shredder models can yield larger shreds than which takes longer composting time.


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