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If The Baby Crib's A Rockin' - Take It Back!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Purchasing a baby crib is just one of many fun preparations to make for a new baby; however, there are a few things to think about before making the purchase. Innovative new designs have a range of distinct attributes, and numerous individuals love the thought of heirloom or vintage baby cribs. Whether aged or brand new, check the crib twice to make certain it is secure for your child.

All baby cribs manufactured following 1985 are mandated by law to fulfill particular safety criterion. In elder baby cribs, be certain that the bars or slats of the crib sides are spaced apart two to three inches or less. Any wider and this creates the danger of your child's head getting stuck.

You ought to also examine the baby crib completely for any designs or defects that might create a head to get stuck.  Older cribs might have been finished with lead paint, and if ingested could create severe sickness. If you select an antique crib, it is a smart thought to have it resurfaced prior to using it.

A Proper Fitting Mattress For Safety

When you buy a baby crib, you'll also need to select a crib mattress. For security justifications, it is essential to make certain that the crib mattress fits securely in the crib and that it's a nice firm surface. There ought to be no room between the mattress and the slats. A decent rule of thumb is if you could fit 2 or more of your fingers in between the mattress and the slats, then you need a bigger mattress. Also, a mattress that's too soft or too small increases the danger of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or suffocation

When selecting a baby crib, be sure that it's durable. Check the wooden finish to make certain it is not apt to crack or splinter. Lower and lift the railing several turns to guarantee that it adjusts silently and easily. There is naught more aggravating than attempting to lower a noisy, stubborn railing with a snoozing baby on your shoulder. A durable crib will also guarantee your baby' security by preventing tumbles when she or he eventually learns how to climb out.

Save Money With A Convertible Crib

The last item to think about, and indisputably the best part, is the design of the baby crib. Quality cribs are created to last through childhood. Many designs can transform from a crib to a child's bed, complete with footboard and headboard. These convertible cribs are fantastic if you wish to purchase a bed that your child and you could keep as a reminder of their childhood. If you prefer to modernize your furnishings intermittently, a less costly conventional crib that is just as attractive might be more preferred.

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