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Buying a Lemon Juicer

Updated on June 13, 2013

Lemons are among the most versatile fruits when it comes to cooking. There are used in so many different recipes, everything from fish and meats, to desserts, to many popular beverages. It seems like almost any kind of food can use a dash of lemon juice to wake up its flavor. The great thing about this wide use of lemons is that this fruit is very healthy, as well. Lemons, like all citrus fruits, are brimming with vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for keeping flus and colds at bay, and for keeping our bodies strong and running smoothly.

Given how much we all use lemons and lemon juice, it makes a lot of sense to own a lemon juicer. Although lemons can be squeezed with your bare hand, it is a difficult job to do when there are a lot of lemons to be squeezed or when you are extracting the juice from lemons on a regular basis. What’s more, squeezing lemons this way can be rather inefficient and you can end up losing much of the juice that a lemon contains. Using a lemon juicer, on the other hand, is easy and efficient. You can make sure to get every drop of delicious juice from each lemon you purchase.

Using a lemon juicer can extract that valuable nutrition inside those lemons.
Using a lemon juicer can extract that valuable nutrition inside those lemons. | Source

Lemon Juicer Types

Given how many lemons most people use in various recipes, many types of lemon juicers have been developed to help with the job of squeezing lemons. These range from the very simple hand held lemon juicer to the sophisticated electric juicers. Many home cooks will have both kinds on hand in their kitchens to use depending on the situation.

Of course, we are probably all quite familiar with the hand lemon juicer types that we have been using for many years. With these simple but ingenious machines, all you need to do is cut a lemon in half, place that half in the lemon juicer, and squeeze the two handles together to get as much delicious lemon juice as you need. Many different kitchen appliance makers sell this hand held variety of lemon juicer, including Amco and Norpro. The Amco lemon juicer is made from an attractive and heavy duty enameled aluminum in a lovely lemon color. The Norpro lemon juicer is made from stainless steel and features extra long handles. These longer handles give you greater leverage, making the job of extracting juice from lemons easier and more efficient.

Another variety of hand powered lemon juicer is the glass bowl variety that many of us grew up with. This type of lemon juicer has a raised juicing center over which your lemon half is placed and rotated. The juice flows into the glass bowl, which is equipped with a pour spout for ease of use. Norpro makes this kind of lemon juicer as well, as does SCI. These lemon juicers might seem a bit “old school” but they work well and are attractive in the kitchen.

Electric Lemon Juicer

However, as great as a hand powered lemon juicer can be, there comes a time when you might want a bit of extra help with squeezing lemons. Maybe you need to squeeze a whole lot of this fruit or maybe your grip just isn’t as strong as it once was. In either case, you have the option of purchasing an electric lemon juicer. These will make the job of extracting juice from lemons quicker and easier than ever.

One of the most trusted names in kitchen appliances just has to be Cuisinart. For years, home cooks have been relying on Cuisinart products to help them in the kitchen. Cuisinart makes an electric lemon juicer that fans of this appliance maker are sure to love. Its fast spin juicer makes quick work of lemons, and the stainless steel construction is durable, easy to clean, and attractive. This lemon juicer is also good for extracting juice from limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

Another great brand of electric lemon juicer is Aplica. This lemon juicer has a 34 ounce capacity, so squeezing a lot of lemons is easy and manageable. One great feature of this lemon juicer is the ability to control how much pulp is allowed into the juice. This makes for great versatility and applicability to many recipes that call for lemon juice with or without pulp.

But whether you prefer a hand or an electric model, a lemon juicer is a must have appliance in the kitchen. Not only will you save time with a lemon juicer, the greater efficiently over squeezing lemons in the bare hand will save you money, as well. Add a little zest in your life with a new lemon juicer today.


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