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Best Twin Mattress for Child!

Updated on May 26, 2018
Reginald Thomas profile image

Reginald has been a sleep specialist for the past 20 years, training new and veteran associates in the retail mattress industry.

Bedding Store

Choose a store that specializes in mattresses!
Choose a store that specializes in mattresses!
Sleeping Child!
Sleeping Child!

Best twin mattress for child.

Buying a mattress for your child today can be very confusing if not downright frustrating. Many times parents will go out blindly shopping for a mattress and hope that they make the right decisions. Some parents seek the advice of a friend or relative. This type of help is much like playing the lottery. You might get lucky and get pretty good results, but usually the information you get from these sources is not very reliable. To put it bluntly, the odds are not in your favor.
This article is a step-by-step guide to help parents choose a mattress for their children. Once you familiarize yourself with each step, you will be putting a smile on your face. Why? Very simple! You will know as much (if not more) as your sales person. Let's get started!

Step One - What's The Size?
This is a simple step but very important. Depending on the size of the room should determine the size of the bed for your child. The usual and most popular sizes for a child's room will be either a twin size (39" x 75"). In some cases a twin extra long (39"x80") or a full extra long (54"x80") may be in order If the child is or is expected to be tall.

Step Two - Determine a Budget!
Remember earlier when I mentioned that some parents go out blindly looking to buy a mattress? This is where you can get your eyes opened real wide when you see the wide range of prices. I will explain below about how easy it will be to find a mattress without spending a great deal of money. It is important to determine how much you can afford for a new bed for your child. The mattress and box spring is a sleep surface and shouldn't be confused with decorative furniture such as: Headboard/Footboard, Bunkbed, Futon.... And it goes on!

Step Three - Innerspring vs. Memory Foam

When choosing a mattress you want it to do the following:

  • One that will give proper support.
  • One that will last a decent number of years.
  • One that will be comfortable to sleep in.
  • One that will not break the bank.

Keeping these four points in mind I'd like to suggest to you to look into an innerspring mattress opposed to the memory foam mattress. It is a fact that one of the more popular mattresses out there today is the memory foam. And every salesperson will want to sell it to you. They are a good mattress, but a bit on the expensive side. Let's see if I can get you to start smiling a little, because if you follow this next part, you will start to see how you can save money.

First, a good memory foam set will run you about $1000 for a twin size set. A good innerspring mattress set with two sides to it will run between $299 and $499 for the set (firm, plush, pillow top). A full size set will usually run about $100 more than a twin.

It's All About The Innerspring!
The innerspring you should be looking for is called a Bonnell Knotted Coil.This coil system ties each coil off to itself and is laced together with a very small wire called a helical wire. This is extremely durable, tempered steel and will last for years. Ask a salesperson to show you the innerspring of any mattress they are talking to you about. Most places will have demo units.

The gauge of the wire is very important. The smaller the number is, the thicker the wire. Don't let a salesperson talk you into a mattress that has more coils. A thicker wire will be a bigger and heavier coil whereas a coil with a thin wire will usually be a small coil and probably have a few more in the mattress. The point here is that you don't want to buy a cheap coil system. A good wire gauge is between 12 and 13.

So, let's see if that smile is still there!

If you go into a store and ask for a twin size set, double-sided, medium firm mattress with a Bonnell Coil, 12 - 3/4 gauge wire, steel box spring and a ten year warranty, you will probably find that the salesperson won't have to do much but point to a few sets in the store. You just did his or her job!

Step Four - Where to Shop!
I will keep this simple! Shop at a bedding store. Not a department store! Not a big box store! Not a furniture store! Not an appliance store! None of these places other than a bedding store will be equipped with a salesperson who has the information and will be a help to you..
Now here's the best tip I can give you. Pre-shop on the phone. Call a local bedding store on the phone and ask for the manager. The manager of the store will be your best choice to get the proper information. Just tell the manager what you're looking for and have a conversation with that person. With the information that I've given you so far in this article, you can tell very quickly whether this person on the other end of that phone is going to know his or her stuff and be willing to help you as a customer. I guarantee you that if you called the big box store, a furniture store, department store, these people will not know what you're talking about! This is when you get wrong information because the person on the other end of the phone will tell you anything even if it is wrong.

Step Five - The Parent Chooses The Mattress
It amazes me that when a parent brings in their son or daughter to buy a mattress and it doesn't matter whether they are two years old or 16, the parent always says these words: Which one do you want? First of all, a child doesn't develop a comfort level until about age 7 or 8. A teenager may have developed a comfort level, but sometimes their eyes are bigger than your pocketbook. So, all the work that you're going to put into researching for this new bed can be destroyed by you saying those simple words. Please keep in mind that a mattress series comes in three comfort levels: firm, plush, and pillow top. If your child sleeps on their side they probably will be comfortable on one with a little bit more contour which would be a plush or pillow top. If your child sleeps solely on their back then their comfort level will be on the firm side.

Step Six - Warranty
Warranty is important and usually reflects the quality of the product. A mattress warranty covers any manufacturer defect in the mattress. A 10 year warranty reflects a good mattress set.

Step Seven - Negotiate the Price
When buying a mattress for you child, the price is usually the issue when you are talking about levels of comfort. Don't hesitate to ask for free delivery and a set of sheets or a mattress protector to be thrown in with the sale.
When talking about the price, always ask for a lower price. Trust me - there is room for negotiating!

Please read this article on mattress care as it will save you money down the road.

Step Eight - Mattress Care!

Needless to say, your investment in your child's sleep is very important. To help insure that the mattress lasts, I highly recommend that you cover the mattress with a mattress protector. For more on mattress care click here.

In closing, I hope this guide was helpful. Choosing the best twin mattress for your child can be a bit stressful but these eight steps should eliminate the problem. Please feel free to contact me and let me know about your experience.

© 2014 Reginald Thomas


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