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Buying a New Home

Updated on February 28, 2018
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Let’s imagine that you’ve found your dream home with spacious bedrooms; idyllic environment and ample number of rooms for your family. You submit an offer to purchase the house and it gets accepted. You also carry out an inspection. After inspecting the house, everything seems to be in a perfect shape.

However, there is one embarrassing secret that your home seller is trying to keep away from you: There is a major issue with the plumbing system of the house and repairing it will require a slightly heavy cost. This is a common challenge faced by many home buyers and often, they only get to detect the problem after acquiring the property.

To prevent this kind of difficult situation, we have compiled a list of points you should pay attention to while checking the plumbing systems of any property you desire to buy. To make this job easier for you, you could hire a plumber to do a thorough check-up of the plumbing systems based on their expertise and experience.

Request an Inspection from the Seller

The first point here is that you should ask the home seller to assist you in checking the plumbing systems of the house. Majority of well-reputed sellers and realtors will assist you in verifying that all areas in the house are in good condition. However, if they turn down your request, this should be a crucial warning sign which could mean that the property has a grave issue.

Do Your Own Inspection

When you have carried the first step above, regardless of the nature of the response from the home seller and result from their inspection; you can still do your inspection. But before you do this, get a quality and durable flashlight and a pair of gloves having a strong grip to facilitate your task. Also, put on clothing items that you would be willing to discard if they got dirty. While inspecting pipes that are faulty, bear in mind that they could turn messy, and deal with the situation appropriately.

Check the Main Sewer

There is a reason that drains clog; though it is often inconspicuous. We strongly advise you to get a professional plumber to carry out an inspection with the aid of a camera on a main sewer line after it has suffered clogging. This is extremely important when you are buying a house. There is no way you can tell whether the property has had drainage problems and the easiest way to know of any hidden and extremely costly fault in the home before buying it, is to perform a camera inspection.

Extend Your Inspection to the Toilets

Often, home owners fail to pay attention to the problem of a leak at the toilet base. This leak normally seems trivial or small; however, the water will start to rot the sub-floor over time. Some of the water could even find its way into the area that is between the finished floor and sub-floor. A person — who is oblivious of the damage the issue can lead to — could make an attempt to seal the leak themselves; they could aggravate the problem in the process.

These are some signs of a leak in toilets to watch out for. You should pay attention to any sign of warping and/or discoloration in the area around the toilet base. Also, you should ensure that the floor has a soft feel around the toilet base or that the floor moves by using the weight of your body applied through a foot. Lastly, the toilet bowl shouldn’t make any movement; it shouldn’t slide or rock when it’s held on either side, and should feel solid. If you notice any movement, any of these issues could be responsible — an unsecured flange, the toilet has a bad seal or is not fastened to the flange.

In conclusion, when you are buying a new home, you should pay attention to the plumbing systems. You can first ask your home seller to help you inspect the property. Important areas to check while inspecting the plumbing systems are the toilets, main sewer, water heater, etc. You should make sure this inspection is thoroughly done as to prevent incurring any heavy expenses in fixing one issue or the other with the plumbing systems of the house.


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