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Buying an Upholstered Baby Tub Chair

Updated on October 4, 2010

The tub chair has come right back into popularity within the last few years, and baby tub chairs (which are smaller than the average model) are also proving to be popular due to their suitability to the smaller person (such as toddlers). These chairs work because they’re simple in design (making them cheap to produce), comfortable to sit in (because they’re shaped like a bath tub) and because they look extremely stylish and up to date with today’s fashions and trends.

Tub chairs are usually either made from leather or upholstered fabric. Both styles look distinctively different and tend to suit different decors. The main advantage of using fabric is that you can get it in any color (and even with patterns and designs on it) and the same can’t be said about leather.

When looking to buy a baby tub chair you will find really only two places that you can look: At local furniture shops and at the plethora of websites online. Buying online will always give you a much great range of options, since there are dozens of online furniture shops to choose from and many specialist tub chair shops as well. Looking online is great because you can look at hundreds of different styles, colors and types within the space of a few minutes. The benefit of this is that it lets you find out exactly what you like and what you want so that you can focus in on just that.

That being said, I’d recommend looking round the furniture stores in your area when buying because it’s always better to see the item that you’re buying first hand before you hand over any money. This is important, according to the Tub Chair Specialist, because it lets you inspect the quality of the tub chair (so that you know it won’t fall apart after a week) and because it lets you test it out to make sure it’s as comfortable as it looks. Obviously when testing one of these baby tub seats out it makes sense to bring the person who’s going to be using it with. So take your little ones along so they can try their chair out for themselves.


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