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Buying Diamonds

Updated on October 18, 2011

Buying diamonds in today's market

Diamonds have been valued for centuries for their beauty and sparkle. They are symbols of love, commitment, beauty, and wealth.They are one of the hardest substances known to mankind and can endure heat and pressure without melting or changing shape.

It is thought that the earliest diamonds were found in India. Centuries ago deposits were found in Brazil. Nano diamonds have been found in artic ice. Since the 1800's most diamonds come from South Africa. A smaller market exists in Canada. One of the largest and most beautiful diamonds ever found was discovered in South Africa in 1905.

Right now, there are many good buys on quality diamond jewelry. My husband purchased a diamond ring for me. Originally a twenty-fifth anniversary band the ring is valued for up to $3,000. He paid $300.

When looking to purchase any diamonds on your own you will want to look for the rainbow. Clear diamonds without imperfections will break up white light and shine a spectrum of colors. You may want to examine the diamond closely for cracks and flaws. Look for clarity. Stay away from purchasing any diamond that is cloudy looking. If you are new to this, stick to round diamonds. During the 1950's, pear shaped diamonds were very popular. There are nice vintage pear or tear drop shaped diamonds out there but, as a rule round diamonds are worth the most money. All in all it is a good time to buy diamonds and many people are getting good deals. The biggest deals are found in round diamonds in a cluster. I feel that this is a solid investment.


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