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Buying a Home you can resell quickly if traded

Updated on May 25, 2010

As strange as it seems to consider selling a home you do not even own yet, however, as a professional athlete, what if you get traded or sign with another team in a year or two?

Because of this possibility, an athlete wants a house that will grow in value and sell quickly when the time arises.

Even though locations that are desirable today might not keep that status forever, it is still a good model to use when looking for a home.

So before the athlete starts on their journey of home hunting, there are some questions that need to be answered.

Why is a particular neighborhood in demand and how long has it been a top choice?

Are there other neighborhoods in the area that are increasing in their appeal?

Are there certain areas in town that seem to be growing rapidly?

Will there be plenty of services such as groceries, shopping, and schools in that area?

Is the area changing and residential areas are shifting over to a more commercial area?

Who are the primary home buyers in that town? If it's senior citizens, the best resale potential might be a ranch home, because seniors don't like stairs. If the primary buyers in that area are young families with children, consider a home with a large yard that is not on a busy street.

Always look through the local real estate ads. A feature that is mentioned in many ads is probably one that is in demand.

Features that are outdated are usually a negative, but they can be turned into a positive if the home is under the market value and updates are made. However, know the update costs and exactly how much they would add to the home's resale value.

Always choose a home that suits your needs, but find one with the features and in a location that are in demand and could sell quickly.


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