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Bye, Bye, Cat Hair, Welcome to The Best Blanket Ever!

Updated on October 11, 2010

A small selection of blankets...

Last night...

Last night I spent under a cloud. Not a heavy and clammy one, no, no, all in the contrary, a very fluffy, warm and cozy one! I was snuggled into the most luxuriously feeling, unbelievably soft and cozy blanket I ever came across.

As a German cat lover, until two years ago, I was used to sleep under a down comforter, covered by a cotton or microfiber envelope, more or less thickly covered in cat hair. There was nearly nothing to do about that, with two white cats living in my house, it was just a daily nuisance, hard to get rid of, but also hard to get used to.

Then, two years ago, I noticed that the bright red microfiber plush blanket that I had on my sofa never was covered by cat hair, it hardly showed any signs of them at all. So I started to think how it would be to use that instead of my cotton covered down comforter. After all, I thoroughly enjoyed it when I took a nap in the afternoon, so why not try it overnight? I'm always a bit hesitant about artificial fibers, assuming they will make you sweaty and uncomfortable, but on the other hand, the cat hair on my blankets was really grossing me out.

So one day, I bit the bullet, and I tried it out. And yes, it was great, no sweat, just cozy warmth, featherlight and great climate under it all night. Wow, I was convinced, that was it!

Additionally, these blankets come in all sizes, other than our comforters, which are maximally 1,55m wide, which still doesn't allow for two people to sleep comfortably under them. So, my first microfiber blanket for the bed was a queen size and it was great. In winter, we just took a second one on top of it, and that was warm enough for all winter.

Every few days, you throw them into the laundry, they dry within no time and are fresh and still wonderfully fluffy. Cat hair? No, thanks. No evidence at all. Strange, but true!

But now, I came across the next generation of fluff blankets, and we bought the fluffiest microfiber blanket ever at TJ-Maxx two days ago. It is a full king size, has the feel and warmth of a chinchilla or a mink fur, where your fingers can hardly discern if they already touch it or not, but it weighs next to nothing. It is like sleeping under a fluffy, warm, cozy cloud!

It is not that the cats suddenly stopped shedding, but the blankets are so soft that they don't hold on to the cat hair, and they don't seem to build up any static, so the hair just can't stick to it. There is anĀ  accidential hair or two from time to time, but nothing in comparison to anything you're used to with cotton bedcovers!

The only disadvantage of it is that it is extremely hard to leave this heavenly warm and cozy bed after a good nights sleep and get up and conquer the world again. But I think I will learn to cope with that. It definitely is worth it!


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    • Dorothee-Gy profile image

      Dorothee-Gy 4 years ago from near Frankfurt/M., Germany

      Actually, I don't have a brand name for you, I bought mine at TK Maxx and they have them all the time. I tried out a few by now, and still think they are the best thing since sliced bread, if you have an animal that is allowed to sleep in your bed.

      My advice is: go somewhere where they have big fleece blankets (oh, I bought one at Target once, too!) and feel them for yourself. They go from pretty thick (like the one I wrote this hub about) to pretty thin (which is great in summer, when you can't deal with the warmth of the thick ones), and you have to touch them in order to get a feeling for which of them you like.

      I love all of mine and I think I'll never go back to my old comforter, the fleece is just unbeatable in terms of comfort and practicability.

    • profile image

      jan 4 years ago

      No name or brand name, link? Would be interested in checking out the product but I don't see how to find the specific one?

    • Dorothee-Gy profile image

      Dorothee-Gy 7 years ago from near Frankfurt/M., Germany

      Hi, Sa'ge, thanks for your comment - glad to know that you still love it after a few years! I still think its the best blanket ever!

      Don''t know where you live, but Amazon is always an option and I bought mine at the German version of TJMaxx. They have a great variety of blankets there.

    • Sa`ge profile image

      Sa`ge 7 years ago from Barefoot Island

      voted up on this hub, it is indeed soft as a cloud, I have had one for a few years now. trouble is where i live can't find another. have to search the internet. thank you for this hub. :D hugs :D