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Updated on December 15, 2011

"Vintage Cleaning"

I have a large collection of vintage fish, vintage seahorses, vintage whales, vintage mermaids and vintage bubbles. Some of my vintage collectibles are composed of chalkware and others are composed of ceramic. Most of my vintage collectibles are vintage wall plaques but I do have some vintage figurines. Whether they are hanging on your walls or sitting on a shelf, they collect dust and need to be cleaned regularly. I am going to tell you how I clean mine. I handle them all with a gentle, loving hand. First of all, how you clean each one will depend on how it is made. For instance, your regular vintage fish, seahorses, and mermaids have very few embellishments, if any at all. I lay mine on a towel and spray them heavily with lukewarm water. Then, I hold each one up and let all the water run off onto the towel. Using a very soft cloth, I blot each dry and re-hang or put back on a shelf. Retro vintage collectibles, a/k/a reproductions, can be another story. Some of my retro mermaid reproductions have lots of vintage jewelry (which I treat my vintage jewelry before I apply to any vintage collectible so that it will not rust from the moisture in your bathroom), rhinestones and even fur! If for instance you have a retro vintage mermaid that wears fur, you will need to be extra careful. I have some with fur. Usually, I place it around their upper torso like they are wearing a fur coat. So, I clean the hair, head and face first. Cover the fur with plastic - just gently lay plastic over the fur and tuck it under the plastic. Spray and begin blotting so as not to let any possibly run under the plastic and wet the fur. Continue gently until clean. Do the same for the lower portion of your mermaid. Spraying and blotting until clean and dry. Remove the plastic, fluff the fur, and she is ready to grace your wall again. Spraying and blotting is the least abrasive way to clean your vintage collectibles. NEVER scrub reproductions or your vintage items. You will lose some paint if you do. I hope this has helped. I have had people email me over the years and ask how do I clean my mermaids. So, I thought I would write this articlefor all to see.


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      Genie 6 years ago

      Thanks so much. This is very helpful.