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Updated on February 26, 2016

Have you ever felt any difference in your day in Indian cities and in villages? A fresh beginning absorbing clean air is just enough to make your day energetic and lively. But how often do you breathe clean air. The air you breathe will be the sole reason for all your health problems that may disturb your smooth living. Advancements in all other fields have frozen the human brain from realizing the importance of clean atmosphere.

Half of Indian population who are suffering from breathing problems such as asthma, lung infection, cold etc. have to understand the importance of fresh air apart from consuming several medicines for the same. Breathing polluted air is as harmful as smoking that may eventually lead to dreadful diseases like lung cancer, asthma etc.

One of the main reason for polluted air in the roads is because of accumulation of sand in both side edges of the road. When buses and heavy vehicles move, we can see all the sand going up to the air. If the mud accumulated on the side edges of the road are cleared regularly that dust can be reduced drastically. Same is the case of very poorly maintained vehicles, they puff out so much of black smoke to the air that we breathe.

Experience is our best teacher and through our experience we could make people aware of the necessity of fresh air around us. Students are responsible in schools; employees are responsible in office, why can’t all be responsible to their nation in preventing pollution? Education is the best means to spread the message and make people alert on the adverse effects of pollution. Each one of us makes a simple step to prevent the great havoc. Just spread the message and conserve the nation for you and your generation next….

I request all viewers to share their views and create a positive vibration about clean air in our cities. Author is V George Antony, Managing Director, UAE Exchange, India.

Take a fresh breathe and enjoy your day



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