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Color Trends For 2013 - Make Sure They're Timeless

Updated on June 19, 2013

What Color Will It Be?

What is a Color Trend and how is it chosen. A color trend being predicted for any certain year is usually carefully chosen by a group of color specialists from studying, believe it or not, Design Fashion Clothing and Textiles. There is a very close assimilation between Fashion Textiles and Home Decorating. The colors predicted for this year are lovely, bright, refreshing colors that remind me of "Ice Cream and More".

The colors you will see being used extensively are Monaco Blue (Darker Blue), Dusk Blue, Yellow, Green (Including Emerald, Fresh Green, Grayed Jade, and the ever popular Lime Green); Violet, Nectarine, Poppy Red and of course every Designer's favorite "Linen". I also predict "Shades of Gray" will still be quite popular this year as a neutral base in a home (along with linen).

Gray & Green With Envy

How Do I Chose What Color and How to Use It?

Decision now you want to be a little trendy and decide you love the colors but don't know how to go about chosing the right one for you. First of all BEWARE Trends come and go, just as they do in clothing, so make sure that if you're painting your whole home...go with the neutral shade you can live with the longest and the best. Keep the color predictions to a minimum - because they'll be outdated within a few years. By this, I strongly recommend a color palette based on "What you can live with long term" with a lovely trendy accent color to bring that room to life.

I'll give you an example. Lets say you love grey and decide to use this as the base color for your new decorating project in your home. You can either paint one shade of gray throughout or decide you want a special area, such as your Master Bedroom and/or Dining Room in a little darker shade of the same gray. Always keep in the color tone you have chosen and go one or two shades darker of that same original shade of gray chosen. After this "mind boggling decision of the Right Color" now you have to give the area or areas a little punch. This is where you will choose the color that is a current "Trendy Predicted Color for the Year" and add it with decorative pillows, candles, in art work and other accents you might require - sometimes even a special lamp. That way the color for 2013 will be used tastefully and not be overpowering in any given room; but the base color is quite able to accept any color accent change you might have in the coming years. Sounds like a plan to me and you'll love it because it won't be overwhelming.

Shades of Gray and Green


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