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Kitchen Updates

Updated on June 15, 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

If you want to replace your old cabinets with new ones, it is because of you no longer like the way they look. If the layout and style no longer suit you, then go ahead and replace the old cabinets. But if you are considering a wholesale change because the shelves are sagging, the counter-tops are scorched, or the drawers would be better off as shelves, relax -all these irritations can be corrected. Repairing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is one of the biggest opportunities for savings in home improvements.

To remedy sagging shelves is to take the shelves out and turn them over, and put them back where they were. Or put in a brace or a thicker piece of shelving. If you cannot remove the shelf, glue and screw a 1x3 to the bottom edge or fasten an aluminum angle to the outside corner; that should stop further sagging.

If a cabinet is no longer square, remove it from the wall. Tap open the joints that are not already open and force in the glue. Then close the joints with bar clamps that extend from one end of the cabinet to the other. Check the corners with a carpenter square and make adjustments as needed; then wait for the glue to dry, remove the clamps, and rehang the cabinet.

For warped cabinet doors cut a piece of oak strip shorter than the door and screw it to the back of the door. If that does not take out the warp, remove the oak strip, place it so that it has a curvature opposite to that of the door's inside, and screw it in place again. Another alternative is to buy and install another door.

Do not try to repair a broken drawer bottom, cut another piece of plywood or tempered hardboard the same size as the broken piece and slip it into the grooves along the drawer sides.

Take broken draw guide out and replace them with identical new wooden pieces. Installing a metal a metal glide may be less trouble, however, and result in a fix that will last longer. Metal glides are made to fit most cabinet drawers and are installed with a drill and screwdriver

If a countertop is damaged from scorching or other damage, it need not be replaced wholesale. Instead, cut out the damaged area and replace with ceramic glass or a butcher block cutting area. Support the butcher block or ceramic glass with a metal rim similar to the rim that supports some sinks; these are available in kitchen supply stores. an alternative is to use a router to cut down into the countertop, making a shallow area into which decorative tiles can be set. Set a thin piece of plywood into the hallowed area before laying the tile it provides a better surface for the adhesive.

If you have metal cabinets, especially base cabinets, they may be dented, nicked, or scraped. Fix such damage as if the cabinet were a car body. Fill with auto body filler, then sand and repaint. Hammer out bad dents from the inside first, or, if they are inaccessible that way, pull them out by using a sheet metal screw inserted halfway and pulling on the screw with pliers until the dent pops. Fill holes with auto the auto body filler.

Where shelves are not meeting your storage needs, you can take them out and replace them with drawers. Cut out the shelves and their supports, and then install new support in the place where you want drawers to go. You can use wicker wire drawer kits to have sides, tops, or bottom-mounted glides. Alternatively, you could have a cabinet maker construct new drawers of wood, attach metal drawer glides to the drawers and the support, and slide the drawers into place.


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