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Cabinet Doors|Drawers Selection| Kitchen Makeover

Updated on October 25, 2011

Cabinet Doors|Drawers Selection| Kitchen Makeover

For the DIY

The process of upgrading the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and drawers can be an arduous task, but the over all benefits as far as the bang your buck is well worth it. The many variation and styles to pick from can get a little overwhelming, just replacing the doors, drawer fronts and hardware can greatly improve the looks and increase the value of your home.

First I would ask you to look at the style and layout of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets; this should also include any entertainment centers or bar areas you might be considering as well. What are your goals, do you just want to make it more appealing to you and your family or are you trying to improve the appearance for sale. The cabinet doors , drawer fronts and drawers play a large factor in the cost of your custom cabinets, so if you don’t have to make them intricate, don’t it only raises the price. The other issue is if your drawers are in good condition just replace the fronts not the entire drawer.

If it is in your budget I would highly recommend you hire an interior decorators they can help immensely in the selection of style and construction. The truth is most cabinet shops buy their doors and drawers from manufacturers that specialize in only building doors and drawers and can offer a more varied product line. The next thing we have to look at is the material of construction, if you are going to be painting your tell your supplier to use the least expensive material possible, if you are going to stain your cabinets use the appropriate grade material. Stain grade material will be more expensive, but your finish will usually be less expensive.

You can save money by buying your own doors from a supplier and finishing them yourself, you just need to measure the openings dimension, the actual door and drawer front itself will be 1” bigger than the opening all the way around, this allows for a ½” overlap over your frame, you will do the same thing for drawers but your drawers will be 1” smaller than opening to allow for drawer slides. When ordering the doors make sure to tell your supplier what type hinges you plan on using and ask them to pre-drill the holes, I would also ask that you have your drawer slides already picked out and also tell the supplier, if you want underneath or side mount , if using underneath they will have to be notched, most suppliers offer these services but they do charge for it.

The most economical doors are the raised panel or flat panel, they are the easiest and fastest to produce, plus the decorative effect is equally pleasing, you can use glass front door but I would only recommend these for entertainment centers or china cabinets as they are expensive . The door supplier usually does not provide the glass insert so you will probably have to go to a local glass supplier with the dimensions of what you need and putting the mullions in place without breaking the glass can be tedious work.

If you are going for an all out make over these same suppliers will often times supply the material to reface your cabinets, contrary to what you have heard even a diy can do this. Refacing a cabinet is just time consuming, the preparation of sanding and gathering materials needed and making the selection of type of finish is the hard part. There are plenty of websites out there already that show you the basics so I will not go into this.


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