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Cabins and Country Decor

Updated on November 29, 2009

For many people, a form of refuge from life and work is another house somewhere other than their primary residence. I’m sure you’ve heard at someone talk about their cabin out in the woods that they visit now and then to get away from everything for a while. The structure and feel of a cabin plays a role in relaxation just like the location and existence of the cabin itself. There is something about being surrounded by the warm earth tones of nature that creates a tranquil, comforting atmosphere. But why do you need to have a cabin be your home away from home when you can turn your actual home into a cabin?

Cabins can usually be constructed in one of two ways…either in the fashion of the typical rough and rustic country style, or a slightly smoother and more modernized style. My advice would be to go with the latter if you don’t like getting splinters. Exterior and interior cabin décor can be varied to slake personal needs too; if you don’t want the stacked-log look on the outside, then it doesn’t need to look that way. There are plenty of lovely homes that have a “normal” house appearance on the outside, while the inside retains the planked wooden design and overall country feel. Some folks like a completely modern interior design, while some want nothing but rustic décor, and some want a combination of both. Remember, this is your home, and you can design it exactly how you want it.

If like most people you’re not incredibly talented at building a house out of trees from scratch, that’s perfectly fine. One great option for designing your cabin home is the use of cabin kits; a set of materials and instructions that will aid in the construction of a cabin. Cabin kits come in a multitude of designs and sizes because people looking to have such a structure erected sometimes want them for different reasons: sheds, barns, large houses, small houses, garages and so forth. In addition, many of these kits boast not needing heavy machinery to construct the houses in question.

Now let’s talk a bit about the interior of a cabin. If you want the inside to match the cabin theme, you’ll need to include the proper furnishings. Now, if you’ve jumped on the horse-drawn pastoral bandwagon, don’t choose now to have a half-baked interior design layout and drag in some moth-eaten zebra-striped love seat that was left on someone’s curb. It’s not going to look right if you have half country décor and half modern décor, so do your best to bring the whole home together under one theme. And you don’t necessarily have to stick just with homey country decorating either – you could have a western-themed cabin home with the right artistic touches. Why not put a saddle and a wagon wheel on the wall? Or pictures of some horses or buffalo? Maybe you could paint the word “Saloon” over the bathroom or kitchen door. I’m not sure where an item like a turquoise jewel-encrusted mirror would have existed in the Old West, but who knows? I’m sure with all the wearing of hats those boys did, they needed a mirror at some point to wash out all the dust and comb down the god-awful hat hair. One final little note as far as western décor: try to stay away from unpainted wooden wall hangings. If the walls are made entirely of wood, it’s going to look silly if you’ve got a wood carving up on or against a wooden wall. That’d be like making a bread sandwich and wondering why it’s so bland.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a rural home is the equivalent of an unattractive home; cabins can easily be just as nice or even nicer than their more urban contemporaries. Have fun decorating!


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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      I enjoyed this. I really want to live in a log cabin!!

    • ConradM profile image

      ConradM 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Looking to rent a cabin next Christmas in the Tahoe, California area. Thanks for the information.