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Do You Want Property Tax Relief?

Updated on November 23, 2012

Did you know that California commercial property owners are wasting millions in property taxes annually due to over assessed property values?

Commercial Real Estate property values rise and fall over the years, the last few years have seen a large fall in real estate prices. Apart from the negative side to having your commercial property value take a dive, it does give you the ability to have a property tax assessment done to see if it is worth while to make an appeal to your local county. If the property value has fallen you could be entitled to lower your annual property taxes.

No Cost Property Tax Review

This is a must do and the title says it all, if you own a commercial property, in California for example this should be at the top of your list as it could be the start of making great savings in what you are currently paying annually. Trusted Property Tax Experts offer tax reviews at no cost which gives you, the property owner the visibility to see if they recommend that you pursue an appeal process. It's very simple - no cost means it should be a priority for you!

There is a certain time of year when property owners are able to submit appeals and this year the opening date for appealing is July 2. The best thing to do for any appeal submissions is to lodge them as soon as possible. Missing the closing date could mean losing valuable tax refunds and or reductions. So remember that July 2 is the start for submitting assessment appeal applications, and depending on the country the end date is either September 15 or November 30.

The best way to find out if you should appeal your assets property value is to have a review completed, and the best way to do that is to enlist the help and services of a property tax advisor who is an expert in the assessment appeal process.

The leading property tax advisor in California is RPC Property Tax Advisors, LLC whom have been working with California property owners since 1989. RPC offers to do a no cost review of your property, the findings of the review will aid them in their recommendation of whether or not they should submit an assessment appeal application for you.

From talking with Ken Sullivan, president and founder of RPC about what RPC has to offer California Property owners and how they can save on their property taxes, he gave me this information:

"Since 1989 RPC has been helping California property owners reduce their property tax, they boast the following attributes to their success

  • professional relationships with the various county assessors
  • extensive appeals board hearing experience
  • knowledge of California's revenue and taxation codes
  • an experienced team of former county assessors on staff
  • a thorough understanding of the California taxpayers' options via the lengthy assessment appeals process
  • commercial property tax refund and reduction experts
  • they have completed over 1,000 assessment reduction cases representing billions of dollars in assessed values and tens of millions in property tax savings

RPC specializes in commercial property types including office, industrial, retail, apartments, land and mixed-use projects. We also provide expert personal property / fixture tax assessment representation. RPC handles the property tax appeal/refund from start to finish."

"To start a review of your tax assessments just complete our simple no cost tax assessment review form. The RPC team will review your property at no cost to determine the benefits of appealing your property tax assessments and reducing your property taxes."

You can find the no cost tax assessment form on the RPC Property Tax, LLC website. Finally because the property review is free it's highly recommended for any commercial property owner to have a review done.

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