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Callum Bamford My Dream

Updated on March 29, 2016

My Dream

My Dream

I want to be something one day, I don't want to be a regular Joe.
I have dream's and goal's of my own that I need to accomplish before my time is up.
I want people to know who Callum Bamford is and leave something behind.

I feel at times I'm at the bottom, struggling with life day to day not knowing which way to turn.
People sometimes perceive me as a mardy miserable person I've heard this before from some.
When really they don't know me they just assume this when they see me or how I sometimes act..

I struggle with how I feel from time to time no need to be ashamed I guess its about controlling your feeling's.
Easier said than done when you don't know if at any time you may collapse dead or if you will wake in the morning.
I struggle and probably will continue to struggle throughout my life with how I feel and the worry I carry with me.

Now days what goes on in the world is terrible feels like no one care's for each other any more.
Its true you can die just crossing the road but its also common now to die from being shot up or bombed.
The world is a scary place but it just seems like it gradually is getting worse day by day what about our children?.

The question you will be thinking to yourselves would be why is he writing this ? What is he getting from it?
I guess I'm writing this for myself to put my thoughts onto paper a way to express myself maybe.
Do I want to be working for someone else for another 45 years? The answer is no. Would I like to be doing this? yes.

I don't want to be filthy rich or famous.I want to be recognised for a good purpose. Be comfortable financially have a family provide.
That's all I want really I want my time here on earth to be noticed not too work in a job for 30 or more years unhappy not wanting to be there.
Instead to be happy raise a family have wife go places experience the finer things in life.Maybe its a dream but its my dream.


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