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Camping Air Mattress Buying Guide

Updated on November 29, 2010

camping air mattress

Camping is a very good experience for all of us and everyone is excited about that. however, you should consider having a good night’s sleep because buying a bad camping air mattress can give a headache. After a whole day’s hiking you should be eager to have a good sleep, thus buying a good mattress is a must. How to choose your camping air mattress in order to have a good sleep at night? There are a few things you should judge for yourself:
The first thing is the size. You don’t want a very large camping mattress if you just use by yourself. Measure how big your tent is to get the idea of the size of your mattress. For a single tent, you don’t need a large one. If you are sleeping with other hikers, you have to count how many people are going to use the tent. Large mattress is not easy to carry around and can be a burden. It is also unwise to buy two mattresses for that because it can be heavier.
You also have to calculate how much time you are willing to spend on pumping your air mattress because pumps are different and the inflation the mattress need is different too. Pumps can be heavy especially with batteries. If you want to spend less time, you may be choosing a heavy pump. I suggest you choosing a lighter one because you can choose smaller sizes of mattress. The air has to be pumped enough to make sure that it is comfortable.
Where to buy good camping mattress? The local camping stores, online shops can be your choices to browse around. The price sometimes can be a judgment to consider. The low price goods will not last long so don’t hesitate to buy good quality ones. If you are buying from online stores then you should read reviews and product descriptions to see if consumers are happy with their choice. You should need advice from camping lovers because they know so much about it.
Camping can be a lot of fun if you have good and sufficient equipment with you. Outdoor adventure is always what I enjoy doing and I choose the best brand I trust. You should be prepared for whatever you do the next day, so choosing a comfortable camping air mattress is important. If you are sharing the mattress with your friends you should buy a large one.


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