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Can Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Replace Petrol/Gas Lawn Mowers?

Updated on March 21, 2013

Recharge or Refuel?

For most people buying a lawn mower comes down to personal preference and financial considerations but for some there may be limitations to what type of lawn mower they can practically use. There are a number of reasons for this.

It may be that their garden has difficult access or is far from the house or any electrical point. The distance from an electrical point to the lawn may not make it practical to use extension cables or the grass area may be on the other side of a public freeway or road. Some people prefer not to use mowers with cables through fear of accidently cutting through it, having to keep one eye on it, rather than being able to concentrate on giving the lawn a good cut. The lawn may be too large for a push mower to be practically used without a lot of time being taken and effort expended.

Gas/petrol Lawnmower
Gas/petrol Lawnmower | Source

The only practical option, apart from having sheep or goats to keep the grass trim, was to use a petrol/gasoline mower. In recent years, however, another option has become more common on the market, the rechargeable battery mower. The Question is – can the battery powered lawn mower be a suitable replacement for the more conventional petrol/gasoline lawn mower? Both can be used in inaccessible areas and neither has to be near an electrical point.

But there are differences.


Pros: Can be more powerful, cut thicker vegetation. Refueling takes moments, allowing large areas to be cut in one go. More second hand petrol models available, considered more eco friendly to buy a second hand petrol mower than a new battery one.

Cons: Requires fuel to be purchased, stored safely and used before it deteriorates. Noisy, smelly, uses fossil fuels. Regular engine maintenance and parts replaced. Hassle of draining the fuel tank if not used for long periods.

Rechargeable Battery

Pros: Quiet compared to petrol gasoline models. Possibly more eco-friendly. Lower maintenance required.

Cons: Regular recharging which takes time. Cutting time limited to length of battery charge unless extra batteries are purchased. Battery powered lawn mowers can take the place of their petrol/gasoline cousins. They are simpler to maintain and convenient to use, as long as you remember to keep the batteries charged. But, if you are looking for a lawn mower suitable for cutting thicker foliage or very large areas the petrol/gasoline mower is still the best option.


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