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Can Someone Find me a Garden Hose that Works?

Updated on February 8, 2014

Traditional Garden Hose

Rubber garden hose in its wheel house storage.
Rubber garden hose in its wheel house storage. | Source

Curly coiled garden hose

I had high hopes for this one!
I had high hopes for this one! | Source

Pocket the newest hose invention

Pocket's final resting place-the trash bin.
Pocket's final resting place-the trash bin. | Source

In Search of the Perfect Garden Hose

It may seem like a trivial thing but I cannot seem to find a garden hose that doesn't tangle, twist, and break overnight! I have tried them all. Not one of the hoses I tried work without problems.

My traditional rubber hose was purchased only a year ago. I even bought a fancy “hose house” to store it. The hose was about $25.00 and its special wheeled hose house another $40.00 making a total investment of $65.00. Too much for the little work I got out of the hose. Before too long, the rubber hose twisted and crimped, making watering my garden a complete hassle. Constantly, I would have to unbend the hose and the bends in the hose, were always right in the middle. Just as I was getting into my watering, the water would shut off, I would have to stop, turn around, find where the bend was in the hose and unbend only to repeat this step numerous times.

I moved on to the “curly” hose pictured. This hose is also called a “coil” hose. I like curly better, it sounds cute. In the beginning, I had high hopes for the curly hose. It seemed to make perfect sense-a hose with bends already in it is much better than bends occurring with age. The coil hose works great as long as you don’t need to stretch it out. Once stretched, the coil hose become a twisted mess that takes a Rubik’s cube master to solve. Rubik’s cube for those born in the 1990’s was a plastic cube of hell for us with average IQs. If you are smarter than a 5th grader (or a 5th grader) you could solve this plastic cube puzzle in 5 minutes, your parents with Ph.d could never solve it.

Anyway, back to my coil hose problems. Once this coil is stretched it becomes like a Slinky (everyone knows what a Slinky is right?) that is stretched to its limits only to never return to its coiled sweetness. Another hose trashed and sent to the landfill where it will live on forever as trash and longer than it ever worked as a hose.

The newest reinvention of the hose is called a “Pocket” hose. Why pocket, I don’t know. It does not fit in a pocket and does not come in a pocket. It comes in a plastic, round container. It is made of a heavy material which I think is canvass. It is allegedly made of the same material as what is used in hoses for Fire Fighters. This hose’s manufacturers advertise that it is the “most compact” and most “durable” hose on the market. Vowing to “never” become crimped, twisted or tangled. I had to buy it!

I went to my local home improvement store and found one last Pocket hose. I quickly grabbed the package and bought it. That was 3 weeks ago. I hooked up my Pocket hose, and quickly started watering my tomato plants, flowers, the grass, the sidewalk, the pool and the dog. With glee and abandonment, I watered everyday, sometimes two times a day. The Pocket hose was magic and I loved it.

My husband used the Pocket hose to wash his car. He loved it. The Pocket hose has a valve that can be turned off and on. No water waste as you wash the car. My husband thought the hose was the “greatest invention” and said the hose might make him wash his car more often as “Pocket” ( our nickname for the hose) was so easy to use.

We told everyone we knew about the greatness of Pocket. Neighbors would pass by and ask where we got Pocket and “does it really work as advertised?” “oh yes” we would say glowing with pride. That is……until the day I tried to water my plants and suddenly there was no water coming from the spout. What gives?

Sadly Pocket was leaking water profusely from the connection at the facet. How could this be? After some investigation, it seems Pocket was stretched too far and her connection was broken.

Another one bites the dust. I am still looking for the perfect hose

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    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 3 years ago

      Thank you eugbug, I will give it a try. I live in Southern California so I don't have to worry too much about freezing weather.

    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 3 years ago from Ireland

      Although it can be somewhat rigid, airline hose is excellent for use as a water hose. It has a thick wall to withstand high air pressure so not likely to burst. I have a hose which has lasted nearly thirty years, even though it freezes in winter (not good practice, leaving a hose full of water in freezing conditions!). I'm not quite sure what type of plastic it's made of , possibly polyurethane. Attaching standard fittings can be a little difficult and the inside of the the hose may need to be pared slightly. Possibly barbed fittings could be used (like the ones used for attaching gas regulators to rubber hoses)