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Can swimming be limitless

Updated on February 22, 2018
A swimming pool  that can make swimming limitless
A swimming pool that can make swimming limitless

Can swimming be limitless?

The hot days of summer are few and far between this year, yesterday was Sunday and it was one of the hottest days that I have experienced this year. On one of the hottest days of summer, what do you do? Go Swimming, The good thing about it was that I was able to go into a pool. I haven’t been swimming in over a year so swimming even for a half hour or so was nice. It might have even been twenty minutes, I don’t know but it was fun while it lasted. While I was swimming I had a thought, "Can swimming be limitless"? Some people might say that I can’t and it shouldn’t. I know that it shouldn’t but there is a feeling you get when you are in the water. When you are in any type of water, whether it be a hot tub, pool or lake, you feel as though you are weightless don’t you? Or do you? Those are the questions that ran through my head yesterday while I was in the pool. Can swimming be limitless? For people that like to swim and like being in the water the answer is pretty obvious swimming can be limitless because of how weightless you feel in the water. it can feel timeless, and limitless like it's never ending because you are so relaxed.

Swimming is also a great form of exercise, and who doesn’t like to exercise in the summer? I know that I do, and I am not the only one. Swimming for me is a great way to help with my flexibility because I have a disability that limits it, but when I swim I loosen the muscles so that they work better. So swimming is therapy but it is a form of fun therapy. If you have a pool don’t you find that you always have people over, because they want to have fun with your pool and you? I find that if you have a pool there is a lot more time spent outside because the pool is just so inviting and the water, goes in limitless circles that all people want to do is swim around limitlessly don’t you agree?

At least that is what I think. I was at my aunt and uncles house for a birthday party and I was the only one in the pool, which was nice since usually for birthday parties the pool is packed, well not so much anymore but when we were younger it was. As I did laps in a pool shaped as the circle, I felt like I was weightless, and that I could do anything, which in turn gave the limitless effect. It was just so comforting being on the water relaxing, that to me it was limitless. I wish that I could do it more often in the summer and maybe one day I will be able too.

Swimming can be limitless, and fun because you can spend hours swimming across the pool, either playing pool games or doing laps for endurance, which I did yesterday. Everyone who knows how to swim should do laps for endurance when they are in the pool even just a little bit because if they are out in the lake and they need to swim for any length of time, they will be more conditioned to do so. Hearing the water rush past you as you do endurance training, can be limitless because to some people that can be invigorating and push them harder. Swimming can be limitless because you can spend hours doing it without even realizing it.

I remember one year when I was younger, I was at my aunt and uncles house for a birthday party, and spent probably two or three hours in the pool swimming, and I didn’t even realize it. The water is just so relaxing that you can lose track of time, which is exactly what I did. When it was time to get out of the pool, I didn’t even know how long I had been in it, all I knew as that my fingers were pruned which meant I had been in the water for a long time. Which in turn made me really hungry which is good at birthday parties because there is usually lots of food.

Swimming is Limitless
Swimming is Limitless

Swimming and its Limitlessness

Swimming can be limitless because, it feels as though time stands still, and you feel like you are floating on the clouds, just relaxing in the water, whether the water is cool, or warm. When I went swimming yesterday it was very humid so the water was almost what bath water would feel like, that is how warm it was which meant I swam more because I wasn’t freezing. I felt limitless swimming because I let my mind go blank and just focused on the water, and how light I was in just swimming around building up my endurance. What do you think of swimming? Are you a swimmer or do you choose to not swim at all? Do you think swimming can be limitless?

If you like swimming you can spend hours in the pool and not even realize it, that is how swimming can be limitless. Swimming can be limitless because it can be something very relaxing and fun to do, have you ever went swimming and told yourself that you were just going to be in the pool for an hour? and then it turned into three or more? I have done that a few times and when I get out the water my fingers and toes are all pruney. That is the from the limitless amount of time in the water, have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel in a pool and how relaxed you feel right after you get out of a pool?

When you are swimming in a pool you feel limitless because of the forward or backward motion you are using to get from one end of the pool to the other. Don't you agree? Every time I swim I feel limitless because in the water you are as light as a feather. In other words, you are weightless.

The feeling of being weightless makes swimming limitless because not having weight on your body is very relaxing and that is why people spend a limitless amount of time in pools when they do go swimming.


Can it be limitless?

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The limitless peace of swimming

Swimming is a limitless amount of fun. If you know how to swim it is limitlessly easy to do. While you are swimming you feel weightless, Swimming can also be limitlessly relaxing and who doesn't like that? Most people like relaxing so why not go swimming to do so. Swimming can bring limitless peace because while you are in the water you are not thinking about anything else but be in the water.

Do you think swimming can be limitless? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      If you enjoy swimming it can be very relaxing and help with flexibility and exercise.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 2 years ago from Florida

      I almost drowned when I was a kid, so I am not fond of water. I am fascinated by Float Tanks, though. One just floats in salt water, so sinking is impossible. I wrote a Hub about them. Sounds like you would enjoy using one of those!

      Most homes where I live have pools and really enjoy them.


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