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Can I build my own climbing frame?

Updated on September 10, 2010

Can I build my own climbing frame?

Yes you can build your own climbing frame, there is a climbing frame manufacturer called action, they offer a system call DYO (design your own).  All these units can be built by yourself providing you have basic tools and knowledge.

This is a system which allows you to customise a climbing frame to exactly how you want it to look, from which towers you like to positioning the frame to suit your garden.

The online system is so smart it allows you to create a 3D copy of how your climbing frame would look like before you even purchase it. You can’t save the images but if you contact action they can create a 3d model for you and send you the image so you can save it for your records.  

The system also gives you a price in total for your design.

Check out the advertisement at YouTube

The action climbing frame range comes with a 10 year warranty and 1 year on all accessories for example the swings and steering wheels etc.

Check out my other articles, I’ve put a little information on what type of wood climbing frames are made of for those of you who are looking at purchasing a climbing frame.

Thomas Staton – An expert in Games tables and Outdoor Games


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    • profile image

      martin clark 5 years ago

      it will over look next door... is this ok?

    • profile image

      Ben McDonald 6 years ago

      Great information and thanks for the advice on Climbing Frames. I have been meaning to build a climbing frame for my kids so appreciate that.

    • profile image

      Climbing Frame Accessories 7 years ago

      Good article, you can also use climbing frame accessories to enhance your DYO climbing frame.